The Return of Lord Hal – Being Human Series 5

As the Being Human Series 4 finale came to a shatteringly awesome conclusion,, it seemed all too soon that the new characters we have grown to invest in and love in a weekly Sunday worship, Vampire Hal ( Damien Molony ) and Werewolf Tom ( Michael Socha ) were to disappear into an abyss of unknown duration, leaving us stewing in our own purgatorial juices along with our sadness over the loss of ghost Annie ( Lenora Crichlow ) who in all her etherealness had become our rock solid companion and friend though the years; She Who Was the oh so beautiful heart of Being Human, helping us through the losses of Mitchell ( Aidan Turner ) Nina ( Sinead Keenan ) and George ( Russell Tovey ).

And So….The Thing That Got Us Through The Week…and into the next, vapourized with the closing credits.

But then, as the final credits rolled, along with our tears, the voice from within the screen spoke forth…. and the BBC Three Gods confirmed the return of the show next year!

According to, He Who Must Be Praised creator and exec producer Toby Whithouse has confirmed the return of Damien Molony, Michael Socha and Kate Bracken (our new cool boot wearing resident ghost) for the series, which will consist of 6 x 60 minute episodes.

A whole year away seems a lifetime to wait, but..that’s a whole year of delicious anticipation for the glorious moment that we are invited back in to Honolulu Heights and the lives of our favourite supernaturals. And after the final mighty, magnificant and moving show, with stunning performances from the whole cast,  I for one am already imagining that magnetic nuanced range of emotion Damien Molony brings to our angst ridden beautiful monster Hal unleashed on our screens next year.

So what do we  Damien Molony fans want to see for Hal in Being Human Series 5?

• More backstory and past glimpses of Lord Hal – some of the past scenes between ‘bad’ Hal and Cutler in Series 4 were the most adrenalin rich, and how deliciously fun to see Damien Molony play the fedora wearing cigarette toking all out vampire juxtaposed with the present day Hal. Flashbacks to the past intensify the polarity between that and Hal’s increasing success at breaking the blood habit. More of the past accentuates the challenge and achievement he faces.

The Origins of Lord Hal – where does he come from? he hinted at his human roots in series 4, was he happy to escape from that life? who is his vampire maker? why is he ‘Lord’ Hal? In fact an entire tangential  series dedicated to Hal please!

• Both forget and remember the Being Human past – the time to move on from  our losses will be in series 5, but the writing and allusions to past characters in Season 4 was not only necessary – to allow the audience to grieve and accept the new characters wholeheartedly as Annie did – but superbly consistently engaging.  Legends deserve to be remembered, I hope the subtle past referential aspect of Being Human continues

More of the multidimensional Hal – bad Hal/conflicted Hal/ big heart Hero Hal…and how about some Horny Hal? 😉

• Some Romantic Tension – the chemistry between Hal and Alex in series 4 was very compelling, and the dynamic between the two of them had become uber complex ( drinking someone’s blood but not being the one who killed then tends to do that ) all the makings a potentially very heady cocktail  however their relationship evolves..but could there be some romance on the cards for Hal and Alex?

Strictly Hal Dancing – personally, I am hoping for some Lord Hal in 1900s Argentina on the cusp of a good to bad turn

• A Holiday – Hal deserves a holiday doesn’t he?

Could this be the ideal place?!

What are your hopes and fears for Lord Hal in Being Human Season 5?

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