Damien Molony Shines Amongst A Constellation Of Stars | Telegraph Olivier Awards Photoshoot

Damien appears alongside 8 of the “brightest up and coming actors currently starring on the West End stage” in this ‘A Constellation Of Future Stars’ photoshoot with The Telegraph, at the Royal Opera House at the Olivier Awards last night.



Current role Touring in the National Theatre’s production of Travelling Light.
Greatest influence My parents, who financially and emotionally supported me coming from Ireland to England to train to be an actor. I wouldn’t be doing this without them.
Acting hero Marie Mullen, who is one of the founders of Galway’s Druid Theatre company. I saw her in A Long Day’s Journey into Night four years ago and it was one of the most exciting performances I had ever seen.
Dream role Shaun the Post in Boucicault’s Arrah-na-Pogue. He is so in love and so romantic and charming.
Favourite TV This is England 88. The performances were amazing.
What I’m reading In the Blink of an Eye by the film editor Walter Murch. It’s fascinating about the mechanics and magic of film.
What I’m listening to Baxter Dury’s Happy Soup.
Career high Working with Antony Sher and Nicholas Hytner right now.

How can we not but wholeheartedly agree with the final sentence of the article by Bernadette Mcnulty of the Telegraph?

“It says much about the esteem in which British drama is held across the world right now that three of the bright new faces of 2012 featured here – William French, Kyle Soller and Damien Molony – left the US and Ireland to learn their craft in the UK. They are certainly in good company. Buzzing around the sun-drenched Royal Opera House, where the Olivier Awards were held last night, the nine up-and-coming actors brought together especially for our photo shoot exude an infectious sense of enthusiasm and possibility, leavened with good humour and patience. Not that they’ll need much of that last quality if they are to follow in the meteoric path of the best-known face here. Jodie Whittaker may still be in her twenties but has already stolen a film from Peter O’Toole (in Venus, 2006) and is about to take on the title role in Antigone at the National Theatre opposite Christopher Eccleston. You feel it won’t be long before this class of 2012 are back for a clutch of Olivier awards of their own.”

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