From hate to best mate: Hal and Tom and the comedy of Being Human



Tom: Yeah, well, we won’t start liking each other because you’re a d***head
Hal: And you’re a neanderthal

all the way to

Hal: Why are you doing this?
Tom: Because you’re my best mate

The relationship ‘tween Tom and Hal in Being Human Series 4 conjured some of the most comedic and downright hilarious moments of the show, no mean feat amongst the oft intense, angst- filled, horrific and tragic personal cages and circumstances of the two characters, but gloriously achieved by a genius synthesis of epic writing and dazzlngly brilliant acting on the part of Michael Socha and Damien Molony.

We all had our fears for series 4. Would the depth of our fandom survive the heart breaking losses of our favourite characters from the previous series? But as a tweeded Hal uttered the sarcasm laced words “have we finished flirting?” to Tom in Episode 2, for me atleast there was an instant 100% investment in what felt like the brewing of a delicious dynamic about to unfold. what followed was beyond all imaginings, as Hal and Tom yin yanged back and forth between mutual distrust and trust, hating each other and saving each other, their scenes in the cafe as they negotiate the terms of their friendship over wooden stakes, OCD issues and ‘chatting up’ Michaela, in episode 3 ‘The Graveyard Shift’, their pretending to be boyfriends in Episode 4 ‘A Spectre Calls’ are some of the funniest scenes ever in the history of Being Human.


So, what did the actors think of this relationship they brought to the screen?

In the Being Human Series 4 DVD Extras cast interviews, Damien Molony (Hal) talks about Hal and Tom’s relationship:

Hal and Tom are just absolutely destined to hate each other. But, I think because they’re both on their own – Tom is on his own he’s got no more Mcnair, Hal is on his own – they have to forge a brotherhood together and from about the end of episode 3, you actually start to see the little twinkling of respect for each other and, not a love, but a real kind of brotherhood.”

“They have some very funny scenes together in the café, where Hal is chopping lettuce and he’s just so afraid of getting germs or anything and Tom ceoms in and he’s ‘chop chop chop chop chop’ and Hal I think learns from Tom, Tom learns from Hal and they’re both horrendous with women, so I think it’s very, very funny.”


And in a recent Digital Spy Q & A with Michael Socha (Tom) he revealed:

“I loved Hal’s character. Especially in the café scenes, the way Damien dropped the lines, it just f**king creased me up. I’d have to have a couple of minutes just to laugh it all out of my system! It was wicked. Damien is a brilliant actor and such a nice guy to work with, as well.”


And somehow, it is good to know the actors had as much fun bringing the comedy as we did watching them bring it… and it all bodes incredibly well for their return in Series 5. Roll on next year!



What were your favourite Hal and Tom scenes in Series 4?

Which did you find the funniest?

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