Meet the man responsible for those Damien Molony press ups! | Ryan Drawbridge-Harding (Being Human) Interview

We have much to be thankful to this man for!

Ryan Drawbridge-Harding, Being Human third assistant director for BBC Being Human, reveals in an interview with Blood-files that he is responsible for Damien’s extra long press ups session that made it’s way on to the Being Human Series 4 DVD extras!







Do you know which scene took the most retakes? If yes, what happened?

Honestly I couldn’t remember an exact scene that took a lot of retakes. The emotional scenes we try to keep to a minimum so as to not lose that emotion the actors dig into, and special effect scenes can be costly, so they tend to be once only, but I do remember us making Damien (Hal) do push up after push up, and even left the camera rolling without shouting cut, this has made it onto the DVD I believe.


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