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Making Rosebud (2009)

Filmed: Drama Centre London

Cast: Damien Molony, Natalie Thomas, Ron Edwards

Director: Jonathan Reid-Edwards

Duration: 8.58

Damien Molony played William West Junior in the 2009 film short, Making Rosebud.

Described by the director as “soon to be the world’s own Harrison Ford”, it is easy to see why Damien was snapped up for his future roles, with acting of this calibre !

Making Rosebud from Jonathan Reid-Edwards on Vimeo.

Film description from director Jonathan Reid-Edwards:

Filmed in the first year at Drama Centre London as part of Dylan Stone’s Visual Awareness class. Was meant to be two minutes long, but I got carried away that Drama Centre was actually letting us create and direct something for once. This entire thing was shot in one day, cut the next.

Starring my own personal Harrison Ford, soon to be the world’s own Harrison Ford, Damien Molony, and of course the superlative Natalie Thomas and three-time oscar winner Ron Edwards.

Shot on something very old and by Sony. Sound by the much better Hanna Maria Heidrich.

Music by Alberto Iglesias and Gustavo Santaolalla. I’d also like to note that this was made a whole two years before I saw ‘Babel’, so the music use is entirely coincidental. Much to my chagrin.

JR (early 2011)


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