JOIN our ‘HAL CHAT’ | His journey through Being Human Series 4 | SUNDAYS AT THE FORUM!


Join us  at the Damien Molony Forum for a weekly online ‘HAL CHAT’ with other fans!



The chat will focus on Hal’s journey in an episode of Being Human Series 4 each week, every Sunday at 8.15pm (uk time) and will take place at the forum in a topic designated for the live chat.



Beginning this Sunday 10 June, here is the proposed schedule for the coming weeks!


Sunday 10 June – Hal’s Prequel and first glimpse of Hal in Episode 1, ‘Eve Of the War’

Sunday 17 June – Hal arrives at Honolulu Heights in episode 2, ‘1955’

Sunday 24 June – Hal faces the real world in Episode 3, ‘The graveyard Shift’

Sunday 1 July –  Hal is faced with his demons in Episode 4, ‘A Spectre Calls’

Sunday 8 July – Hal has a dream within a dream in Episode 5, ‘Hold The Front Page’

Sunday 15 July – Hal meets Alex in Episode 6, ‘Puppy Love’

Sunday 22 July – Hal meets Cutler past and present in Episode 7, ‘Making History’

Sunday 29 July – Hal faces off with Mr Snow in Episode 8, ‘The War Child’

Sunday 5 August – Hopes and fears for Hal in Series 5!



Please feel to drop in at any point if you cannot make it for the entire chat, will shall probably continue until we either run out of things to say (unlikely) or we fall asleep on our keyboards! (more likely)

Please note:  Only members logged in to the forum can see or participate in the chat. If you have not signed up as a member to the forum already, it is free and easy to register by clicking here. You can use any name you like and we only use your email for registration purposes.



Hope to see you at the forum on Sunday, all are welcome!

For more info about the HAL CHAT click here