Damien Molony at the 2012 Welsh Baftas | 30 September 2012


Red Carpets and Zombies and Tuxedos… oh my!


Currently filming the next series of Being Human in Cardiff, Damien attended the 2012 Welsh BAFTA award ceremony last night at the Wales Millennium Centre.

For those of us who have had a not-so-secret yearning to see Damien in a tuxedo ever since his portrayal of vampire Lord Harry on the cusp of good to bad in the Being Human Hal Prequel


and who would gladly see Daniel Craig move on over after Damien mentioned BOND as his dream role, the following photos from the event bring unbounded joy!

Damien Molony at the 2012 Welsh Baftas, 30 September 2012 (c) copyright mugim0e all rights reserved

Damien Molony at the 2012 Welsh Baftas, 30 September 2012 (c) copyright mugim0e all rights reserved

Damien with the stunning Kate Bracken who plays Alex in being Human

Damien Molony and Kate Bracken at the 2012 Welsh Baftas, 30 September 2012 (c) copyright mugim0e all rights reserved

All above photos shared by kind permission (thanks Lee!)

Damien, Kate and other Being Human crew and creators were there because Being Human was up for a BAFTA Cymru award – Director Phil John was nominated in the fiction award category for series 3 episode 3, when ‘Type 4’ zombie character Sasha (Alexandra Roach) was introduced into the Being Human supernatural world.

Damien is pictured below with Ryan Drawbridge-Harding and Derek Ritchie (assistant directors on Being Human)

Derek Ritchie, Damien Molony and Ryan Drawbridge-Harding at the 2012 Welsh Baftas, 30 September 2012, photo by Ryan D-H on Twitter (thanks Ryan!)

Unfathomably, Being Human missed out on the award this year, but many congratulations to Phil John for the more than deserved nomination and I’ll eat my ‘tree hugging, guardian reading, soya milk drinking, bicycle riding. aluminium collecting f***wit’ hat if series 4 episode 2 ‘1955’ is not up for a nomination next year!

(if you are left somehow confused by the above sentence then you need to watch the above episode. NOW.)

Awards or not, in the hearts of the fans, everyone involved in the creation of this very special show are winners and there is still much to smile about from the awards last night, not least seeing Damien pictured beneath those BAFTA masks in the photo above and somehow knowing that before long he may very well be holding the BAFTA gong in his own hand.

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