New Radio Roles For Damien – ‘Student Stories’ and ‘Hill Bachelors’ BBC Radio 4


Coming to a radio near you!

Damien performing with Word theatre, summer 2012 source


It looks like we may need to add a ‘Radio’ section to our Damien Molony Acting Credits page soon!

According to his Spotlight profile, Damien will be playing the role of Brendan in Student Stories produced by Heather Larmour and Paulie in Hill Bachelors produced by Gemma McMullan, both radio plays for BBC Radio 4.


Student stories is written by award winning Irish author and playwright Gerald Murphy. His field of work includes theatre, television and radio and his playwriting career was successfully launched with the debut of The Welcome when it was staged by the Druid Theatre Company in 2001. Murphy received a PJ O’Connor Award for his first radio play Stranger In The Night.

 Student Stories Official synopsis from the BBC Media Centre

Three stories about contemporary student life written by students. Offering a snapshot of student life in its many and various forms.
The first story is Carrel 16 – Fifth Floor – Ussher Library by Gerald Murphy. Brendan has a plan: study for his exams in the library then crash the college ball. But when his revision doesn’t go as expected, he discovers an unexpected escape plan.


Damien is no stranger to voice acting, earlier this year he joined an international cast with Word Theatre, giving voice to a performance of Charles Yu short Story First Person Shooter and ensemble performance in Girls. Boys. Beer. 
In a pleasing circle of synchronicity, possibly his best known work is his portrayal of ancient vampire Hal in BBC supernatural drama Being Human, who has a strong allegiance to Radio 4 and will undoubtedly be tuning in to listen to Student Stories and Hill Bachelors some time between You and Yours and Book At Bedtime.

And guess what…. so will we!


Student Stories Episode 1 airs 3.45-4pm 4 January on BBC Radio 4.

We have no air date or official media release for Hill Bachelors as yet, but watch this space!



Damien Molony Spotlight Profile
Student Stories, BBC Media Centre


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