Damien Molony. Michael Socha and Kate Bracken in SciFiNow Magazine for Being Human Series 5


The first magazine interview for Being Human Series 5 has hit the shelves in SciFiNow Issue 75.


A gorgeously glossy photo of our supernatural trio featuring Damien and Michael Socha in new uniforms standing in front of the ‘Barry Grand Hotel’ gives us more then a hefty hint as to the direction of their new career path in the upcoming series.

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We already know from the interview and exclusive new footage on T4 posted by us here that a detoxing Hal is still tied to the chair when we meet him again in series 5, being fed mashed banana – which real life Mr M is not too fond of. But in the SciFiNow interview Damien reveals more about what to expect for Hal and his housemates, including an insight into his filming experience:

Our first day they had to feed me mashed banana. I hate bananas anyway and Michael was purposefully getting it all over my nose and cheek, and there were eight takes of it. I was like ‘surely we got it now?'”

Going on to tease about the upcoming series with exciting ambiguity:

There are great moments of comedy, whereas last year there was an impending doom of ‘The Old Ones are coming’…What I like about this series is that the big bad – the menace – is so much more subtle and under their noses right from the very start.”


We are relieved to hear that all the important ingredients in Being Human’s unique mix of comedy, drama and horror will not disappear with the beloved cafe where so many Hal/Tom classic and memorable cameos were created, and are literally counting down the days until the beginning of the next big adventure is unleashed on our tv screens early next year!


Your copy of SicFiNow is waiting on a shelf somewhere near you.


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