Being Human Series 5 Synopsis and Hal Revelations – SPOILER ALERT!



The official synopsis for the upcoming series of Being Human has been revealed by a BBC Worldwide / 2entertain press release for the series 5 DVD, apparently due for release 25 February 2013, according to SFX Magazine.

Some basic plot outlines are already known to us via recent tv and magazine interviews and new clips, but there are mega spoilers and Hal revelations ahead, read at your own discretion!

Hal, Tom and Alex are three housemates with some serious issues on their hands, and they’re not all about the washing up rota. Hal is a 500 year-old vampire, Tom is a hardened werewolf and Alex has recently had the misfortune of becoming a ghost.

Strapped to a chair in the living room, Hal is finding it tough going cold-turkey – mostly because the mess Tom has made is really bothering him. But when Tom and Alex release Hal, they’re not to know it’s far too soon to be letting a blood-thirsty vampire onto the streets…


When Hal recruits Crumb as a vampire and welcomes him to the supernatural world, the meek becomes mighty and we see what happens when a bullied man finds his bite. Meanwhile, Rook – head of a shady government department in charge of keeping the supernatural world secret – is given some devastating news.”



Phew… *insert jaw drop emoticon here* excuse us while we go and sit in a quiet room and think about what we have just done.


Being Human returns to our screens early 2013.


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