Final Series of Being Human announced – How will Hal’s story end?


Hal’s Last Hurrah




Since joining the show in series 4 last year, Damien Molony has gained a dedicated legion of fans (including us!) for his intense, quirky and talented portrayal of 519 year old vampire in BBC Three supernatural drama Being Human. But today, 1 week into a new series, the BBC Media centre delivered a devastating blow as final as a stake through the heart in the ever growing international Being Human fanbase – series 5 is to be the last ever for the show.

In a statement for the BBC, the show’s exec producer for Touchpaper, Rob Pursey, said: “Working on Being Human has been a truly great experience. From the first one-hour pilot, all the way through to this climactic series, we’ve been given real creative freedom and encouragement.”

“Being Human has also opened the door to new acting talent, including some incredibly exciting younger actors, which is a legacy we all feel proud of. We will miss Being Human, but feel inspired that there is a place for series like this on British television.”

BBC Media Centre – Final Series Of Being Human Announced

Damien, Michael Socha and Kate Bracken, the three leading actors for the final series, give their reactions on the end of the show and the fans who supported them in the video below:


So to the question we almost cannot ask. How will Hal’s story end? Well, we are going to be even more sure to enjoy the remaining 5 weeks of the series to find out, but according to Being Human creator and writing guru Toby Whithouse, it is going to be an end of apocaplyptic proportions. In his moving statement on the conclusion of Being Human he said:

“we viewed the news as an opportunity. It meant I could actually write a climax for the show, instead of it just popping out to the shops at the end of season 5 and never coming back. You’ve no idea how rare that is in television, and what a great opportunity it is to write something suitably definitive and satisfactory.”

“Consequently we’ve created what I hope you’ll agree is an epic, thrilling and shocking finale that’ll keep the fans guessing and speculating for years to come.”

The brand new “Final Series of Being Human” trailer below offers a tiny glimpse of the precious remaining weeks of the series:
(spoiler alert!)


As heartbreaking as it is to know that in just 5 short weeks when series 5 comes to an end we will be saying goodbye to our favourite vampire and his Honolulu Heights housemates – who we have come to know and love – Hal will live on in our memories, endless DVD re-watches and in our hearts. And we couldn’t think of a better show to launch our favourite actor’s television career than the tv show of all tv shows Being Human, and cannot wait to hear of his future projects on and off screen.

It may be the end of Being Human, but it is just the beginning of a long and successful acting career for undeniably talented Damien Molony.


Being Human Series 5 airs on BBC 3 Sundays 10pm for the next 5 weeks.


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