Being Human Series 5 DVD – Extra Scene gives fans a further ending for the show




Our vampire, werewolf and ghost heroes saw the end of their Being Human journey on Sunday 10 March, with a series 5 finale that will keep fans talking for years to come.

Never before has a DVD for the show held so much significance, not only because it will put the future of the show in our hands quite literally – keeping the show alive forever with endless re-watches – but also, as show creator Toby Whithouse revealed, the DVD includes an extra scene for our three supernatural heroes Hal (Damien Molony), Tom (Michael Socha) and Alex (Kate Bracken) set in the future after the end of episode 6.

On the DVD there will be an extra scene – one that takes place, in my mind, a week or so after the end of Episode 6. It answers the question I’m sure you’re all asking yourselves now – what’s happened to them? Did they save the world? And at the same time it allows scope for further stories, a future life for the show and the characters.
I should point out that this wasn’t intended as a way of boosting DVD sales! We always planned to shoot an extra scene for the DVD and when it came to deciding what that scene should be, we thought it would be a good opportunity to give a little closure. Even if ‘closure’ means the turning of another page.”
Toby’s Farewell Blog | BBC Being Human

In an interview about the end of Being Human with SFX Magazine Whithouse divulged more:(warning: there are episode 6 spoilers here!)

We decided if we were doing one that was set some time after the last scene of the episode then it had to somehow answer the question about what had happened.
If you believe that the characters are stuck in one of Captain Hatch’s dreams it’s quite a bleak ending. And so if that’s your take on that last scene then that’s a bit of a bleak way to leave five years of the show, so the DVD scene will address that.”
Toby Whithouse On The End Of Being Human | SFX Magazine


Watch the scene yourself below, and we dare you to disagree that this ‘new’ending is crying out for ‘Being Human: The Movie’!


Being Human Series 5 DVD, Blu-Ray and The Complete Collection Boxset are available now.

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Complete Being Human Series 5 DVD special features:


Disc 1

  • Alex’s Unfinished Business
  • – The List

    – Revenge on Rook

  • Interviews
  • – Damien Molony

    – Michael Socha

    – Kate Bracken

    – Toby Whithouse

    – Polly Buckle


    Disc 2

  • Alex’s Unfinished Business
  • – Wooed In Paris

    – Learn To Dance


    Disc 3

  • Alex’s Unfinished Business
  • – The Final Challenge

  • Extra Scene
  • – Taking Care

  • Exclusive Scene
  • Deleted scenes
  • – 10 deleted scenes including:

    Lady Catherine x 2

    Tom and Alex x 1

    Alan and Rook x 1

    Lady Mary and Alex x 1

    Crumb and Alan x 1

    Crumb, Alan, Hal and Alex x 1

    Hal and Alex x 1

    Rook and Natasha x 1

    Hatch x 1


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