Exclusive Videos and Pics of Damien Molony and Colin Hoult filming Crucial Scene in Being Human Series 5


When Damien Molony and co-star Colin Hoult collide on screen for the first time, an iconic and memorable scene is born.


From the moment post-rehab resident Being Human vampire Hal (Damien Molony) steps out of the door in series 5 episode 1, he is presented with situations and events that test his ability to control his blood lust. His first encounter with Ian Cram ‘Crumb’ (Colin Hoult) – in an almost entirely dialogue free scene combining drama, horror and slapstick, set to the ironically named song Ça plane pour moi (everything’s going well for me) – results in Crumb being hit by a car after fleeing from a vamped up Hal when they literally run into each other in the street. Hal is then faced with the impossible choice of letting him die or recruiting him as a vampire.

Being Human fan Su Hemming was lucky enough to be able to watch both of these talented actors, director Phil John and crew filming this crucial scene and has kindly shared her videos and pics with us, check them out below.


Being Human Series 5 Episode 1
Hal and Crumb collide, Hal vamps out, Crumb flees


Behind the scenes filming pics


Behind the scenes video


Being Human Series 5 Episode 1
Crumb is hit by a car, Hal struggles to resist his bloodlust and faces a choice


Behind the scenes filming pics


Behind the scenes video


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