Damien Molony Series 5 DVD / Blu-Ray Interview – “The slow but inevitable rise of Bad Hal”


With the Honolulu Heights sign propped up behind him on an antique trunk, Damien’s interview on the Being Human Series 5 dvd is a fitting and moving goodbye to our favourite 519 year old vampire Hal.



Damien Molony says goodbye to Being Human in his dvd interview


The interview is a wonderful insight into Damien’s portrayal of Hal, his favourite scenes, the end of Being Human and his co-stars.

We’ve picked our favourite excerpts, check them out below.


The “Slow but inevitable rise of bad Hal” in Being Human Series 5

The great thing about playing a 519 year old vampire is you’ve got 519 years of storylines to play with

There’s some great stuff this series, we see lots of Hal’s past, all his old liaisons with women

Deep down in Hal’s heart he knows the end of good Hal is coming and he tries to keep that at bay, and the more he tries, the more bad things keep happening to him and it’s quite sad to watch.

Hal and Alex

Alex represents to Hal everything that he’s running from.. she represents the guilt, the horror add that to the fact that I obviously still fancy her and I know I can’t allow myself to go anywhere near her.

The fact that Alex doesn’t believe me at the end of episode 4, that is the kicker, and suddenly good Hal is gone and bad Hal emerges triumphant.

Favourite scenes

The mushy banana was a great scene because I hate banana and I hate mushy banana, and after take 15, the mushy banana has gone from being a delicious golden colour to a black, thick treacle, and Michael was purposefully just shoving it into my nostrils and into my [beard].. it was awful!

We had a fight to open episode 1 which is myself and Lady Catherine – this amazing girl called Victoria that came in to play Lady Catherine, she had me toe to toe the entire way – it was such great fun …there were knives and stakes and it’s very very sexy and there is obviously that amazing chemistry between the two characters it was lovely to play off that..

Researching the Role

Research is one of the best bits of getting a character like this, last year I looked at drug addicts and rehab and this year leading on from that it’s the post rehab..and being in the outside world with your illness and how the outside world infringes on that and the inevitable slippery slope that often leads to, which is really how I saw Hal’s character going this year.

Working with Michael Socha and Kate Bracken

Michael Socha and Kate Bracken..two amazing actors that I think are best mates of mine.

I love the scenes with just the three of us together, whether it’s one where we’re about to kill each other, or one where we’re best of mates trying to come up with the cleaning rota.

We have a rhythm, I love playing with them, coming into a scene with them anything could happen, we laugh and we cry and..I am going to miss it desperately.

The end of Being Human

The end of Being Human, it’s dreadfully sad, I could play this character for another 519 years, but all good things have to come to an end and I think it’s a great way to end this series and to end this amazing show.


We know Damien, we could watch you play Hal forever too, but although this ending is bafflingly premature for Hal, and the show as a whole, what an ending we were given and what memories we have to re-live in countless dvd re-watches…. and Hal will live on forever, in the imagination of his fans.


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