US Premiere date announced for final Series of BBC Being Human




The final series of BBC Being Human premieres on BBC America this weekend.
Series 5, starring a host of British talent including Damien Molony, Michael Socha, Kate Bracken, Phil Davies, Colin Hoult, Steven Robertson, Julian Barratt and Amanda Hale has already aired in the uk, with an apocalytpic finale for uk fans on 10th March. Considering the dedicated international fanbase for the show the US date has been a long time coming; but we are happy the six jawdroppingly awesome episodes of the best television drama, ever, are about to arrive on the shores of our american friends.


BBC America Press Release

In the final season of BBC AMERICA’s hit original Being Human series, ghost Alex (Kate Bracken) is adjusting to life after death with werewolf Tom (Michael Socha), but vampire Hal (Damien Molony) is in hell. Not because he’s chained up like an animal, but because he’s desperate to clean up the messy house. When Tom and Alex decide to set him free, Hal’s wracked by uncertainty… can he control his bloodlust? Things get complicated with the return of Mr. Rook, the shady figure whose government department protects the world from supernaturals. Having been fired from the café, Hal and Tom find new employment at the Barry Grand Hotel, home to poisonous pensioner Captain Hatch (Phil Davis). Unknown to our trio, his decrepit exterior hides an ancient evil that threatens not only their friendship but also the entire world.

Being Human returns Saturday, July 13, 10:00pm ET/PT as part of Supernatural Saturday.


BBC America Being Human Series 5 Trailer


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