Interview With A Vampire: Damien Molony ‘A Blood Addict Giving Blood’

Blood Donor Magazine 2013 cover

Damien is on the front cover of The Donor Magazine Summer 2013, which includes an interview with him for National Blood Week.

Blood Donor Magazine 2013


A blood addict giving blood!

A Blood Addict Giving Blood – Give Blood NHS
8 June 2013


Damien Molony is best known for his role as Hal, a vampire in BBC 3’s series Being Human. So it’s a relief that this bloodsucker is actually a donor in real life.


Why and when did you start donating?

I am a relatively new blood donor as my first donation was at the end of summer 2012. When I was filming the first series of Being Human someone very close to me died. David had cancer and was losing a lot of blood. To keep him alive while he was receiving treatment, he needed two pints of blood a day. I was genuinely amazed that people who had never met David were keeping him alive with their donated blood. I spent a lot of time with his family and when someone is that sick, every hour together is a bonus.


What would you like to say to those that do give blood?

Thank you! I hugely admire anyone who has given blood. I know it can seem scary at first and I don’t like needles either, but it really couldn’t be easier. I am very grateful to my followers on Twitter who have given blood or have started giving blood since I started tweeting about it. I made the obvious connection with playing a vampire in Being Human, a blood addict giving blood. So now I have a deal with my followers: I will re-tweet everyone that has donated blood and tweets me a photo.


You obviously have a large fan base following Being Human; do you feel that people can relate to the character of Hal?

I’m really blown away by the response of so many people to Hal and that’s down to Toby Whithouse and his brilliant team of writers, as much as it is to myself. It has been a fantastic part to play: a 519-year-old obsessive, compulsive vampire, who has to adapt to the real world (in Barry, Wales, of all places) after living in relative isolation for the past 50 years… my eyes lit up!


Why do you think the series has been so successful?

What Toby has done so spectacularly is to take real human characteristics and discuss their relationship to society-at-large, in a very subtle way, through a supernatural lens. In that way, the ‘addict’ becomes the ‘vampire’, the ‘pedant with serious anger issues’ becomes the werewolf, the ‘girl terrified of crowds and public places’ becomes the ‘ghost’. The premise of the show is the everyday lives of these people as they strive for inclusion in normal society, which is something I think everyone strives for at some stage in their lives.


Tell us about your experience of giving blood?

I went with my girlfriend, who got a bit upset, but the staff were very comforting and kind. And they are brilliant at distracting you, calming you down, making you smile. And there are loads of free biscuits!


Have you heard any interesting stories when you have given blood?

No stories that I can remember, but I did spot a very famous actor who was giving blood the last time I was at the West End Donor Centre.


How do you like to relax?

My hobbies include sitting in the cinema with a coffee on a weekday morning, trying out new restaurants in the evenings and cooking for friends and watching rugby at the weekends.


So, will you be watching the British and Irish Lions Tour?

The alarm will be set, the jersey is pressed and ready, and the coffee will be on. I can’t wait for the Lions Series to start on June 1st. I think we have a great chance against Australia, particularly judging by the quality of Wales and England in the Six Nations, so it will be very interesting to see who makes it into coach Warren Gatland’s squad.


Finally, have you got a message for other people who currently don’t give blood?

Whether it goes to someone in an accident, whether it keeps someone receiving cancer treatment alive, giving blood is a real life-saver, and it couldn’t be easier. Be brave, sign up, and save a life.

Source: Donor Magazine Summer 2013 | Give Blood NHS | A Blood Addict Giving Blood