Damien Molony to make his Ripper Street 2 debut in Episode 2


Detective Flight is coming to H-Division!

Detective Constable Albert Flight arrives in episode 2. (c) BBC/Tiger Aspect Productions

Detective Constable Albert Flight arrives in episode 2. (c) BBC/Tiger Aspect Productions

The second series of Ripper Street premiered on BBC One last night, returning to our TV screens with lashings of heart pounding action, dark humour and unapologetic gore, all delivered in a unique and vividly compelling drama with engaging characters in glorious period costumes, with authentic dialogue and settings…and that was all in the first ten minutes!

Furthermore, after months of exciteable anticipation, we were treated to a tantalizing glimpse of Damien’s first appearance in episode 2 in a ‘next time’ preview.

Click below to watch the opening episode on the BBC iplayer, with Damien’s introduction at the 58.19 mark.

A young and pompous looking Detective Flight removes his bowler as he is introduced by Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline (Clive Russell) to Inspector Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) Sergeant Drake (Jerome Flynn) and Captain Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) with simply one word: “reinforcements”

This dialogue free introduction adds to the intrigue already surrounding Detective Constable Flight, who steps on to the gritty streets of Victorian Whitechapel in a matter of days, a suspenseful cliffhanger to his arrival.

How will he be received by H-Division?
What kind of accent will this Victorian Irishman have?
Will he have as much swagger as this clip implies?
and what secrets is hiding under his (bowler) hat?

We cannot wait to have these questions answered and more, when Damien returns to our TV screens next week.

Check out the full details of episode 2 below.

Ripper Street 2 Episode 2 – ‘Am I Not Monstrous’

Only hours after she gave birth in its maternity ward, a nameless and seemingly vagrant young woman is found murdered in a stairwell at Whitechapel’s The London Hospital.

The only suggestion of her identity, however, is the strange protrusion at the base of her spine – a vestigial tail. It is a clue which is to take Reid and the team into the shadowy netherworld of the circus freakshows and thence back to The London Hospital to seek help and understanding from its most celebrated resident, Joseph Merrick, aka The Elephant Man.

Merrick certainly has insight to offer but his growing trust and faith in Reid leads him to reveal even more devastating information – information that leads Reid back into the menacing world of his Limehouse colleague Jedediah Shine.

Elsewhere – Chief Inspector Abberline arrives with reinforcements for H-Division in the form of Detective Constable Albert Flight, a young Irishman of great ambition. The death of PC Hobbs still an all too sharp grief for him, Reid fears for the callow youth’s fate on these meanest of streets.


Ripper Street episode 2 airs Monday 4 November, 9pm on BBC One.


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