INTERROGATION ROOM: DAMIEN MOLONY – Ripper Street Q & A Tuesday 5 November


Damien Molony, Ripper Street


The good and kind people at Ripper Street HQ hosted a Twitter Q & A with Damien on Tuesday 5 November, where he answered questions from fans about Ripper Street, his new character in the Victorian police drama, Detective Constable Albert Flight, and more.


Check out the complete Q&A below.


Damien Molony Q&A – 9pm 5 November

We offer the warmest welcome to @damienmolony. Thank you for joining us this evening. We hope you are well? #RipperStreetQA

A: @ripper_street Hi everyone, looking forward to answering as many questions as possible! #RipperStreetQA


Q from @fifi_2903 for @damienmolony: What do you like/dislike about Flight? And did playing him present any challenges? #RipperStreetQA

A: @ripper_street @fifi_2903 Like:His ambition, work-ethic, determination. Dislike:Too serious, unable to have a laugh w/ Reid/Drake/Jackson


Q from @beccadam for @damienmolony: How easy was it joining an established cast? Did the older boys play nice? 🙂 #RipperStreetQA

A: @ripper_street @beccadam The older guys are GREAT! Wasn’t long before we were all laughing about mispronouncing words like ‘asphyxiation’


Q from @lozzie_lo_ for @damienmolony: Did you research Victorian policing when you got the role of Flight? #RipperStreetQA

A: @ripper_street @lozzie_lo_ Read 100s of detective stories, all periods; Ripper folklore; how the Irish were treated by Victorian London


Q from @Casablankaaa for @damienmolony: The costumes are fantastic.. Do you enjoy getting done up in those fancy suits?! xx #RipperStreetQA

A: @ripper_street @Casablankaaa @lornamariemugan is a genius, beautiful suits tailored for me. When I put the suit on, the character appears


Q from @_knightley for @damienmolony: If you could work on a movie or on stage with any actor (past or present), who would it be?

A: @ripper_street @_knightley I’d do an improvised movie, a road-trip across America with Sam Rockwell… Spielberg obvs


Q from @CatherineNewt for @damienmolony:Have you been the victim/perpetrator of any brilliant pranks on the Ripper Street set? #RipperStreet

A: @ripper_street @CatherineNewt Lighting the cigarette in my 1st scene took several takes, much to Adam and Jerome’s delight.


Q from @DMolonyForum for @damienmolony: What were your 3 favourite scenes to shoot? #RipperStreetQA

A: @ripper_street @DMolonyForum Can’t say too much, any scenes with the 3 guys were always great fun & I loved saving Merrick from the mob


Q from @Picklepod for @damienmolony: How would you describe Flight in three words? #RipperStreetQA

A: @ripper_street @Picklepod Eager to impress


Q from @beccadam for @damienmolony: What, if any character traits do you share with Flight? #RipperStreetQA

A: @ripper_street @beccadam Well, we’re both Irish…


Q from @whimsyfox for @damienmolony: What was the first scene you filmed as Flight & how did you feel about it? #RipperStreetQA

A: @ripper_street @whimsyfox Day 1: getting beaten up by the homeless men in the shelter & tended to by Mrs Drake… #welcometoRipperStreet


Q from @PradaKat for @damienmolony: Do you have any superstitions or rituals that you have to perform before going on set? #RipperStreetQA

A: @ripper_street @PradaKat Quick coffee, then into costume immediately, sit in the trailer and put character music on


Q from @0p0sitiv for @damienmolony: Was there any scene where you got the feared giggles like the other male cast? 😉 #RipperStreetQA

A: @ripper_street @0p0sitiv Scenes with Matthew can often descend into tears of laughter. A very fun set to work on, despite the gore.


Q from @DMolonyForum for @damienmolony: Love the hats, collar and cravats..does period costume help you get into the era of the part?

A: @ripper_street @DMolonyForum Attention to detail is key. Cufflinks, pocket-watch, taking hat on/off in a scene, all adds to character.


Q from @MancVamp for @damienmolony:The fight scenes look like a lot of hard work – how long do they take to choreograph/rehearse?

A: @ripper_street @MancVamp Stunt man, Gee, is brilliant! Lots of rehearsals, lots of stunts, but Flight isn’t a very good fighter…


Q from @DMolonyForum for @damienmolony: What is it like learning and delivering lines in the (wonderful) dialogue of the era?#RipperStreet


A: @ripper_street @DMolonyForum The writers are amazing and the dialogue is a gift. It immediately transports you to another London.


Damien made his Ripper Street debut in the second episode Monday 4 November, here is Detective Albert Flight’s first encounter with Detective inspector Reid at H-Division in the trailer.


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