Damien Molony to go undercover in Ripper Street 2 Episode 4


‘Dynamite and a Woman’ for DC Flight

BBC/Tiger Aspect

BBC/Tiger Aspect

The second series of Ripper Street reaches its midway point next Monday, with the biggest episode so far for new recruit DC Flight, played by Damien Molony.
Since his introduction, Flight has struggled to prove himself to the men of H-Division with mixed success, but in next week’s episode his big chance arrives when Inspector Reid is persuaded he is the perfect man to go undercover in London’s Irish community for an important investigation.

Ripper Street Episode 4


Also starring Charlie Murphy as barmaid Evelyn Foley, the episode’s exciting storyline promises a new costume, new injuries and new romance for Flight.
Ripper Street Episode 4


The question we’ve all been asking since the series 2 trailer will also finally be answered, when we find out what the young detective is confessing to here.
Ripper Street Series 2


Watch an exclusive clip and stunning ‘next time’ preview below.

BBC One: Reid’s men set to roust the Whitechapel Irish


Ripper Street continues at 9pm on BBC One, Monday 18 November.


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