Ripper Street axed, but the fans want it back


BBC Cancels It’s Acclaimed Period Drama ‘Ripper Street’

Ripper Street Series 2
News broke this week that the BBC has cancelled their BAFTA nominated Victorian drama Ripper Street, with poor ratings cited as the reason for not giving the show it’s third series. The news comes after Ripper Street Series 2 was rescheduled from its original Sunday night slot for the first series to a Monday, going up against reality show ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’.

Reacting to the news on Twitter and other social networks, the audience are everything from baffled to outraged by the decision, questioning the BBC’s seemingly illogical conclusion to not continue with it’s top period drama, and how a public service focussed, non-advertising funded organisation, who claims to be “independent, impartial and honest” and for whom “Audiences are at the heart of everything we do… We take pride in delivering quality and value for money… Creativity is the lifeblood of our organisation…We respect each other and celebrate our diversity so that everyone can give their best” and whose mission it is to “enrich people’s lives with programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain” can make such a unilateral decision, and one based on commercial values, without consultation of it’s customers and license fee payers.

The media have also stepped into the fray with The Guardian asking Ripper Street has been cancelled. What is the BBC thinking?

In our opinion, not only are the BBC letting go of the exceptional, unique, one of a kind period drama of extraordinary calibre that is the jewel in the crown of their channel, but they are doing so based on an ideology in direct contradiction with the ethos at the heart of the BBC. Additionally, the creators, writers, actors, and audience are not being given the opportunity to create and enjoy a proper ending, which they, the show, and we, deserve.

Furthermore, it has been a joy to see our favourite actor establishing himself as a new cast member and bringing Detective Constable Albert Flight to life in the second series as part of the very special world of H Division. We would very much like to see his character and storylines flourish for a third series.

Let us not let go of Ripper Street quietly, if you, dear readers, have not done so already, please click on the 2 petitions below to sign and let the BBC know we want it back.


Reverse the BBC’s Decision to cancel Ripper Street
Ripper Street Petition Revers Decision


Commission Ripper Street for a third series or one-off special
Ripper Street Petition third series


To get involved on twitter, follow the ‘Save Ripper Street’ campaign @SaveripperSt #saveripperstreet


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