SUSPECTS Audio Interview: Damien Molony and Clare Hope Ashitey


We just had to share this in-depth audio interview with Damien and Clare-Hope Ashitey for its honest insights into filming Suspects, currently airing on Channel 5.

Listen to the actors talk about the ‘exhilirating’ filming process, which took only 6 weeks and allowed for no more than 2 takes per scene, what it was like improvising lines based on a storyline, their research including workshops with police officers and learning about police precedure to inform their performances and help them create dialogue rooted in realism, the precious “fleeting moments of character” that arose while filming a drama entirely focussed on the investigation of a crime story and the sense of power they had being detectives when filming on location.


Suspects returns tonight, 10 pm on Channel 5.

Watch an exclusive clip of Damien from a scene in tonight’s episode and check out the Suspects episode 2 preview, trailer and synopsis.


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