Damien Molony makes his American ‘Ripper Street’ debut tonight!

(c) Tiger Aspect

(c) Tiger Aspect

It has been a long time coming, but Damien is finally back on US Television screens tonight in Ripper Street. Fans will be introduced to Detective Constable Albert Flight as episode 2 of the second series of the Victorian crime drama airs on BBC America.

A young Irishman in London with an already impressive career history, Flight’s arrival should be a blessing for the over worked H-Division, but how will he be received by DI Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen), DS Bennett Drake (Jerome Flynn) and Captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg)?

We won’t spoil it for our American friends, but in this exciting episode Damien demonstrates his talents in his inimitable nuanced style as he brings to life the cocksure young detective, making an already powerful storyline all the more compelling.

We’ll leave you with his own introduction to his character, ‘the new detective in town’ via a video interview from BBC America.



Watch the episode 2 trailer below.

Ripper Street 2 Episode 2 “Am I Not Monstrous” airs 9/8c on BBC America tonight.


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