New SUSPECTS character video clips: Who is Jack Weston? In his own words…

The lovely folk at Channel 5 have released three fab new videos of the main Suspects cast introducing their characters, as their characters.

The new clips take us just a little deeper in to the worlds of DS Jack Weston (Damien), DI Martha Bellamy (Fay Ripley) and DC Charlie Steele (Clare-Hope Ashitey) and give a tantalizing glimpse into Jack’s back story.

Exclusive sneak peeks of previously unseen footage from upcoming episodes of Suspects are also revealed.

Here Jack introduces himself at Suspects HQ, talks about his policing style, his family background and more..
Check out the video below.

My style of policing? Aggressive. Emotional, probably somewhat too emotional at times, I always try and get the bad guy.”

I look after Charlie, although she probably doesn’t need that much looking after.”

I’ve learned to communicate better, which I struggled with, probably before I joined..”

I’ve learned to know how to get what you want, and that’s very helpful, certainly when you’re in a custody suite.”

I come from a long line of police officers back in Ireland, I’ve always been taught to always do the right thing.”


DI Martha Bellamy also has a thing or two to say about (and to) Jack Weston:

To be honest Jack thinks that he’s got bigger balls than me, but he doesn’t. But I kind of like that ok, I like his spirit, he’s got a lot of instinct, Jack will jump in first.. problem is, when Jack makes a mistake, I have to clean up his mess.”

[to Jack]

I know about your family history Jack, and I don’t need that right now because we’re here for another reason, if i may, with respect, remind you.”


Suspects is an innovative crime drama with entirely case-focussed storylines, but the tiny character glimpses we do see create a very compelling level of intrigue and tension, giving precious insight into what makes the detectives tick.. and making us even more excited for Series 2, coming very (very) soon!

Suspects Series 2 begins 10pm 20 August, only on Channel 5.


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