Suspects 2 Episode 2 – Can Jack crack the case? Channel 5 preview


© Channel 5

© Channel 5

Suspects Series 2 landed on UK TV yesterday with an explosive and gripping first episode, and a case as twisty-turny and complex as they come.

When Jonathan Moxton is found bound and gagged in his home, DS Jack Weston (Damien), DI Martha Bellamy (Fay Ripley) and DC Charlie Steele (Clare-Hope Ashitey) begin to unravel the evidence and identify an ever growing number of possible suspects.

Jack is back and stronger than ever, but an unexplained past personal experience and his family history begin to effect his game, and after some heated exchanges with Charlie and a fixation on paranoid schizophrenic Saul Hammond (Dominic Power) as the perpetrator, “boss” DI Bellamy asks if he needs to take time out. Will it be Jack who cracks the case this time? or will it be him who cracks first?

© Channel 5

© Channel 5

The gritty first episode ended on a cliffhanger when another murder victim is found on the common, but we don’t have long to wait for the concluding instalment of the 2-part story with episode 2 airing tonight.

Channel 5 have kindly sent us the trailer, summing up events so far and a giving us glimpse of the concluding episode.

Check it out below.

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Appearing alongside the lead cast in tonight’s episode are guest stars Charlie Brooks (Eastenders), Dominic Power (Emmerdale, The Bill), Claire Cooper (Hollyoaks), Luke Newberry (In The Flesh) and David de Keyser (Diamonds Are Forever).


Don’t miss the second episode of Suspects Series 2, 10pm tonight on Channel 5.


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