SUSPECTS: Nominated in 2015 National Television Awards



Suspects has been nominated in the 2015 National Television Awards drama category and voting is now open!

With Series 1 and 2 already aired on Channel 5 and Series 3 on its way in 2015, the show’s groundbreaking, innovative format and compelling characters have gripped audiences and received critical acclaim. Using fly-on-the-wall filming techniques, with fully improvised dialogue, the creators (Paul Marquess and writers), production team (Newman Street as part of Fremantlemedia UK) and lead actors – Damien (DS Jack Weston), Fay Ripley (DI Martha Bellamy) and Clare-Hope Ashitey (Who has also received a nomination for her portrayal of DC Charlie Steele) – have brought a brave, refreshing and contemporary televisual experience to the small screen, uniquely deserving of recognition.

We are thrilled to see our favourite cop show in the nominations longlist and believe it to be one of the most award worthy drama created in years. Suspects has created a brand new ‘dramentary’ genre all of its own, not just in the context of police procedurals, but television drama as a whole.

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Voting closes 23:59 (UK time) on Sunday 26th October 2014.


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