Damien Molony narrates new audio book ‘RAVEN’ for fantom films


We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Damien is the narrator of upcoming audio book ‘Raven’, announced by Fantom Films today.


The audio book is a novelisation of the 1977 classic children’s TV series by actor / writers Jeremy Burnham and Trevor Ray, and will be released on CD and as a download this December.

Trevor Ray is best known for writing on Doctor Who in 1969/70 and Jeremy Burnham for 1968/69 cult TV classic The Avengers (in which he also appeared) and Inspector Morse.


A brief synopsis of Raven is given on the fantom films website.




The ancient underground caves were in danger — they were going to be filled with atomic waste. But forces were at work to save the sacred ground — forces from another time.

Why did the caves contain mysterious symbols and how did the legend of King Arthur connect with them? What power did Professor Young, the archaeologist have to save the cave complex? And why did the Merlin suddenly appear?

Raven, on probation from Borstal, found himself caught up with these strange powers, and began to realise that the future of the caves depended on him…


Having given readings for WordTheatre since 2012 and performed in several radio roles, most recently appearing as the actor reader on a ‘Poetry Please’ Yeats Special, it was only a matter of time before Damien’s much admired voice talent found its outlet in audio books.

We couldn’t happier, and hope it is the first of many!


The CD has 5 discs in total and is available for pre-order now. Click here to order for a special lower price until 23 October.


For more information visit Fantom Films here

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