Give the Gift of Blood this Christmas – Damien Molony continues to inspire fan donations


Give Blood NHS, The national blood donation agency in the UK, are appealing for blood donors this Christmas.

For thousands of people this Christmas, the only gift they want is the gift of blood. Do something amazing and give the gift only you can give.”

The issue of blood donation is also close to Damien’s heart.

Since giving blood for the first time in July 2012 our favourite actor has been successfully encouraging legions of his Twitter followers to do the same, ‘Re-Tweeting’ the ‘post-donation’ photos sent to him by fans.

Check out all seven of Damien’s blood donations below.

Donation #1

Donation #2

Donation #3

Donation #4

Donation #5

Donation #6

Donation #7


The message has been embraced by the Damien Molony fandom, many of whom have been inspired by Damien to make their first blood donations, or been reminded to donate again.

In recent weeks, Damien has ReTweeted the following from fans, just a tiny handful of the huge numbers of ReTweets he has made over the past two years!

Why not do join them and do something amazing – give the gift of blood this Christmas.

Donating blood really does save lives. If you are generally healthy, over 17 and want to do something that takes little of your time but truly makes a difference, don’t hesitate, take action today. Not only will you be doing something amazing, but you will also be helping Damien’s own campaign for increasing blood donations and if you send your photo to him on twitter, you are in with a chance of a Re-Tweet.

Visit to find out where your nearest donation centre is and make an appointment today! Take a friend, take your whole family and help spread the word! If you are unable to give blood, you can still make a difference by sharing this message and joining the campaign to encourage others.

Click below to find out more:

UK Blood Donations
International Blood Donations


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