CLEAN BREAK: Episode 3 synopsis, sneak peeks, spoilers: will the real Danny Dempsey please stand up?


Clean Break Episode 3 Danny Screencap 1(b)


RTÉ have released two new Damien filled Clean Break clips for upcoming episode 3, giving us a glimpse at what is coming next for Danny Dempsey.

(Fair warning: episode spoilers!)

In the first 2 parts of the drama, Danny has shown himself to be a compelling and conflicted mix of physical strength and personal vulnerability, carrying the weight of his still largely mysterious history. He is a kind-hearted and morally good man, but in the past he has not always made the right choices – a victim of circumstances, perhaps.

When faced with the temptation of taking part in the kidnapping for money he owes in gambling debts, history seems to have repeated itself in the present day. But his transparent instinct to do the right thing, in the end, has exiled him from everyone.

Episode 2 of the drama saw the tiger kidnappers still roaming free in the immediate aftermath of the abduction, apart from Danny, who is forced to hide out after running for his life from being shot by one of them.

With Frank Mallon (Adam Fergus), the brains behind the kidnapping, and fellow kidnappers looking for him, he sees no other way out than to leave town.


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But the new episode synopsis suggests Danny may have even more to worry about.

The Rane family return home after their ordeal. While Desmond is keen for things to go back to normal Annette is still haunted by what has happened and can’t understand how detached both Desmond and Jenny appear to be. As the police continue with their investigation Danny is still in hiding and it appears that the kidnappers aren’t the only ones looking for him.


The two new episode 3 preview clips show the ex-boxer coming out of the shadows and standing up for himself for the first time. The first sneak peek sees him confronting Frank about the money he owes him for the kidnapping.
Clean Break Episode 3 Danny Screencap 2

This brief glimpse hints at a side of Danny we have only so far sensed, his physical strength, toughness, determination and resilience coming to the fore. Could this be a turning point for him and a side of him we have not yet seen?

Check out the clip below.


The second clip reveals a determined Danny standing his ground again. In a conversation with boxing club manager Ben, he refuses to accept the money he offers him, insisting it is Frank who needs to pay up.

Clean Break Episode 3 Danny Screencap 3

But the scene also pulls heartstrings when he apologises to Ben for letting him down and the older man replies “letting yourself down, ruining your own little life.” So we’ll be seeing the more vulnerable Danny too, but with the same single-minded determination to do the right thing as he did in the kidnapping, irrespective of the personal consequences.

Watch the clip shared by RTÉ One’s Facebook Page below.


It looks like we are in for another gripping episode with another powerful performance from Damien, with the potential for more revelations about Danny Dempsey.

Is there another way out for Danny? How long before Danny is discovered? Is there even more to his story? How long can the others protect their identity? How long can young Jenny Raine keep his secret?

We cannot wait to find out.


Clean Break returns Sunday 11 October 9.30 pm on RTÉ One.


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