VIDEO: Damien Molony red carpet interview at the UK Kill Your Friends Premiere


Kill Your Friends red carpet


Kill Your Friends premiered at Picturehouse Central in London last night and Damien was amongst the stars interviewed by Hey U Guys before the screening.

Damien plays Ross in the film and We’d say he totally ‘killed’ it on the red carpet for his first feature film, we couldn’t think of a better way to ‘kill’ time than watch him talk about it! This is the first interview we’ve seen where he shares his thoughts on the movie and his experience of shooting it.

The humour was what attracted me to the project in the first place… John’s [Niven, writer] work is so funny, and what I think is so great about this screenplay is he managed to bottle everything that is so great about the book into this, I think, very, very funny film. Obviously there are dark moments, thank god for my character I didn’t have to get too involved in any of the dark stuff, but it was a huge amount of fun to film. I got to work with great actors, I got to work with Owen [Harris] the director, we had a lot of fun shooting it.

It was so much fun…the first day on set I was crawling around a basement of Nic Hoult’s house in the film, hung over, naked people everywhere, basically just having found out that someone else has become the head of A & R, it was so much fun to film that kind of stuff.. one time you’re in a gig with four thousand people screaming at the stage and another you’re in a board room, it was such, such fun to film.

He also praises co-star Nic Hoult for achieving likeability in such an essentially evil character as protagonist Stelfox, and director Owen Harris on successfully making such a dark movie funny.

I think what is so great about his performance and Owen’s interpretation of the film is that you’re rooting for Stelfox all the time, he is doing these dreadful, dreadful things to people and ruining people’s lives, and obviously killing people, and I think that’s down to Nic’s own charm and his smoothness and his very clean-cut look, that you never expect something like this from this guy.

Finally, Damien talks about balancing his work projects between film, TV and theatre and what he is working on at the moment, confirming that he has been cast in (and completed filming) a new comedy for E4 and is currently shooting a new series of Suspects.

Check out the full interview below.


Damien also spoke to Filmbeat, alongside co-stars Craig Roberts, Nicholas Hoult, Rosanna Hoult, Ed Skrein and Edward Hogg and the film’s writer and director John Niven and Owen Harris.


Kill Your Friends is released in the UK 6 November and preview screenings have just been announced for Manchester, Glasgow and London.

Watch this space for more news as it happens!


Kill Your Friends is directed by Owen Harris, produced by Gregor Cameron (UNIGRAM), Will Clarke (Altitude Film Entertainment) and Len Blavatnik (AI Film and Warner Music Group) and will be released in the UK and Ireland 6 November 2015 by STUDIOCANAL.


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