‘CRASHING’ Interview: Damien Molony talks scripts and giggles with Digital Spy


Damien spoke about his new comedy Crashing in a brilliant new interview with Digital Spy.


Channel 4’s new sitcom Crashing is the latest TV role for our fave actor and the lovely people at Digital Spy have shared a revealing interview with him about his new character and filming for the show.

Damien plays Anthony, one of a group of twenty to thirty-ish adults living together as property guardians in a disused hospital. He told Digital Spy that the sitcom’s setting, a real life disused hospital (the Royal London in Whitechapel), was so much a feature, that it was “a character of the show”:

We couldn’t have really shot it anywhere else…We loved the hospital so much.”

It would’ve been amazing to spend a night there, or to have a massive party – but I think health and safety would’ve had a few issues with that!”

Referring back to his time on Being Human, Damien also highlighted similarities in the filming process between the two very different comedy dramas:

while it [Being Human] was very much set in this bloody supernatural world of vampires, it had huge laugh-out-loud moments…So this wasn’t a total departure for me.”

But with Crashing, his big difficulty was keeping a straight face in and between scenes:

I was working with so many funny actors, with very funny scripts, I would just start to giggle…I’ve seen shots of scenes where I didn’t think I was in the shot, but obviously I was, and it’s me just giggling….I hope that’s a sign of how funny the show is, because it was an enormous amount of fun to film.”

Despite not being able to keep a straight face, Damien praised the writing of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who also co-stars:

she writes for a new generation…She has this incredibly young, current voice.”


Check out the full fab interview at Digital Spy.


Crashing is produced by Big Talk Productions and episode 2 airs 10 pm 18 January 2016 on Channel 4


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