‘CRASHING’ behind-the-scenes: Damien Molony’s message from the heart

Damien has shared two Crashing behind-the-scenes photos, perfectly timed for Valentine’s day.

Get ready for a #fantastic episode of #crashing TONIGHT @channel4 10pm

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#crashing @channel4 #iloveyou #balloon

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Our fave actor treated us to the exclusive ‘message from the heart’ photos, taken on the Crashing set during filming Episode 5, on his Instagram page.

The ‘I Love You’ balloon was prop of the day on the penultimate instalment of the comedy, which aired last Monday on Channel 4.

The episode saw the property guardians receive an eviction notice from the disused hospital where they live together, adding more pressure to the group and making their relationships even more troubled and tangled.

The love statement balloon featured in the Kate-Anthony-Lulu love triangle and was symbolic of its escalating relationship tensions, mixed messages, multiple denial and escalating situation comedy.

But this is no straightforward ‘I Love You’ balloon. In an awkward, funny scene at Anthony’s ‘We Don’t Give A Fork’ restaurant, Kate (Louise Ford) – having previously almost sabotaged their relationship with the drunken bombshell that she has been ‘pretending’ to love him – gave him the balloon as an over compensating gesture of apology.

Meanwhile Lulu (Phoebe Waller-Bridge), continues to almost sabotage their relationship too, forgetting to give Kate the parcel with the special balloon in earlier, and throwing up in Anthony’s curry which Kate goes on to eat in the couple’s ‘making up’ moment.

© Channel 4

© Channel 4

As the end of the series approaches, will love still be in the air for the engaged couple? Can their relationship survive Lulu and the increasing chaos catalysed by her arrival? or will their bubble burst?

We’ll be watching to find out.


Crashing is produced by Big Talk Productions and the series finale airs 10 pm Monday on Channel 4.


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