Damien Molony “a stealth hit on British television” – Interview with Irish Independent (the unedited version)


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Damien has spoken about his acting career in an interview published in the Irish Sunday Independent last week. The piece highlights his consistent acting success in the UK since leaving Ireland.

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Irish Sunday Independent

As if this were not treat enough, writer Anne Marie Scanlon has released the unedited interview with Damien. Her original version takes a more in-depth look at his journey as an actor, from before his time at drama school to present the day.

There are well deserved mentions of his hugely varied TV roles in Being Human, Ripper Street, Suspects and Clean Break, but most fascinating of all are the exclusive insights into his most recent TV appearance in Channel 4 comedy drama Crashing as the character Anthony.

Damien revealed he was helped by writer (and co-star) Phoebe Waller-Bridge and his brother (a chef in real life) to prepare for his role.

Phoebe always told me that Anthony was a coward….That was very helpful for me.
From Anthony’s point of view – he has this perfectly pleasant very steady relationship; he’s got this very happy, nice, easy life for himself. When Lulu comes in she’s obviously incredibly wild, carefree and fun, everything Kate’s not and they have this incredible past relationship where they are just so at ease with each other. Over the series you see him struggle more and more as he tries to put a lid on his feelings for Lulu because he knows that down that path danger lies..”

I rang him and asked him to send me pictures of burns and other bizarre scars he has!”

I also talked to him about what a chef does. For example, do you wipe your hands on a tea towel that’s attached to your apron? No, absolutely not! He had all these wonderful little titbits that were very subtle and very important in helping me develop my character.”


But the standout quote of the interview is an endearing reminder of how humble about his talent and enthused about his craft our favourite actor is.

I still pinch myself when I’m on set or when the director calls “Action” or the curtain opens on stage. I’ve got butterflies in my stomach even now talking about it.”


After years of solid success, phenomenal projects and incredible performances it is a delight to see Damien’s magical talent in the spotlight, it does not happen often enough.

He certainly has “invaded TV screens across the water” from his home land Ireland, not only in the UK but right across the world. Being Human and Ripper Street were enjoyed by US audiences when they aired on BBC America. Suspects has landed in Australia, New Zealand and more recently in the US. He has also appeared on the big screen in his first feature film Kill Your Friends in cinemas and at film festivals across Europe, in Australia, Thailand and with a US release coming soon. Not to mention his growing fandom from all corners of the globe.


We are hugely grateful to Anne for making her original article and interview available.
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