VIDEO INTERVIEW: Damien Molony and James Murray talk SUSPECTS Series 5

Suspects Series 5 interview

Jack is back soon and our first Suspects Series 5 Damien interview is here!

Suspects returns to our TV screens next week and Channel 5 have released a video interview with Damien and new cast member James Murray.

It is always a treat to hear our fave actor talk about his work, and he reveals exciting new insights into what we can expect from the upcoming series.

First of all, it will break from the show’s previously established format, with a longer season comprising six episodes and with just one investigation spanning across the entire series.

for the first time ever we’ve moved on from the standalone procedural crime episodes. For the very first time this is a six episode series and the storyline that we’re investigating goes over the entire six episodes.”

Secondly, while still maintaining the case-centred focus of the show, this time the audience will be ‘going home with the detectives’ and getting a deeper look at the characters.

Everything that you see from their home and their back stories is all filtered through the investigation, so it adds a huge amount of depth and texture to the series and I think it makes it very, very exciting.”

Jim Murray, who will appear as new addition to the team DCI Daniel Drummond, further elaborates on the exciting potential of a six episode story arch.

Every single character is involved in one way or another, emotionally and personally with the storyline as it unfolds.”

There are lots and lots of twists and turns, lots of intertwining plots.”

As previously revealed, the biggest change of all coming up for show is the loss of main cast member Fay Ripley as Martha Bellamy. Her fatal shooting and the effects on the existing and incoming team is the focus of the entire six episode series.

Crucially, this time, the person that has been killed, the case that we’re investigating, is the murder of Martha Bellamy, our boss, my friend, my mentor.”

suspects series 5 interview

But while there are changes ahead, Damien also confirms Suspects will still maintain its distinct USP, which sets it apart from all other cop procedurals.

All of that then shot through this very real, gritty, dark, fly on the wall style means that it’s very different to other conventional crime dramas.”

Head on over to the Channel 5 Facebook page to watch the full video interview, by clicking below.

suspects series 5 video interview


Suspects Series 5 Episode 1 airs Wednesday 3 August 10pm only on Channel 5.


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