JACK IS BACK: Damien Molony returns to UK TV screens in SUSPECTS SERIES 5

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© Channel 5

Jack is back!

The hotly anticipated return of Suspects is almost upon us. Damien is back on UK TV screens as DS Jack Weston in Series 5 in just two days time.

So what do we know about Series 5 so far?

No more Martha
The big change coming in Suspects is the tragic loss of DI Martha Bellamy, played by Fay Ripley. The new series sees Jack and Charlie (Clare-Hope Ashitey) investigate her fatal shooting.

New lineup
But they are not facing the case alone – Series 5 sees three new additions to the team, brought in to help with the high-profile investigation: DCI Daniel Drummond (James Murray), DS Alisha Brooks (Lenora Crichlow) and TDC Gary Roscoe (Perry Fitzpatrick).

Longer series, extended storyline
Series 5 is set to be the longest yet, with six episodes. Unlike previous episodes with a case per episode format or two-part stories, the investigation into Martha’s death extends across the entire season.

Closer-up to the detectives
With the longer story arc, the upcoming storyline will take us into the detectives homes and deeper into their back stories.

© Channel 5

© Channel 5

What is in store for Jack?

In the past four series Jack has earned himself a bit of a rep for being the hot-headed one in the team. But he has also established himself as a highly skilled, totally committed, instinctive detective, often spotting the prime suspect before anyone else. We’ve seen him frustrated with the rules and being tempted to bend them to see justice done. His approach gets results, but it sometimes lands him in trouble. In previous series it was DI Martha who kept him on track. In series 1 his intense interview style earned him a telling off, “stop playing fucking Clint Eastwood”. In series 2, Martha warned him about bringing his personal history into a case and, more seriously, sent him on enforced leave when he withheld crucial evidence. But she was also on his side and had his back.

The series 5 trailer, exclusive episode 1 preview video and synopsis reveal Jack’s struggle in the aftermath of his boss’s horrific murder. Strong tensions arise between him and the new DS (“where’s your head at Jack?”) and DCI (“This is going to get Jack Weston into a whole heap of trouble”).

Without Martha and trying to keep under control after the shocking discovery of her shooting, will Jack be able to stay within the lines of the investigation or will his traits return? It is easy to imagine how amped up that attitude is going to be when he is on the case to find Martha’s killer. The previews suggest there is trouble ahead for him, but will it be more trouble than ever before?

The new series 5 promo photos of Damien (above) also give us a clue to what we can expect from series 5 Jack. They show an intense, focussed, quietly coiled and ready Jack. By the look of this man, he will not rest and he will not be told to.

Jack has always been electrifying to watch, and in this season we’re not going to be able to take our eyes off him. We’re filled with both trepidation and excitement to see how his story unfolds, and will be tuning in for what looks set to be gripping viewing!


Suspects Series 5 premieres Wednesday 3 August 10pm on Channel 5.


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