The Next Doctor WHO? Damien Molony Top Choice for Show Writer & Being Human Creator!

Being Human creator and Doctor Who writer Toby Whithouse has named Damien as his favourite to be the next Doctor.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Toby put forward Damien’s name for the legendary role, going on to say his “ideal choice” would be Damien or Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Damien Molony, who was on Being Human, I’ve always thought he’d be terrific,”

He’s a fantastic actor. My ideal choice would either be Damien or Chiwetel Ejiofor, who I think would be absolutely terrific.”

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Toby’s comment is making quite a stir in the press and Damien’s name is making the headlines!

Time travelling back to 2013, Damien has been a firm favourite for the next Doctor Who since before Matt Smith (the eleventh Doctor) departed the show.

Peter Capaldi has played the twelfth Doctor since then, but has recently been announced as leaving at the end of the next series.

Four years on and Damien’s name is again at the forefront of speculation, this time on who should play number thirteen.

As both the creator of Being Human and a prominent writer for Doctor Who, it is poignant that Toby Whithouse has come forward in support of our favourite actor – Who could forget Damien’s indelible portrayal of ancient vampire Hal, and the many histories he carries, in Being Human?

With his talent for bringing to life a complex, multifaceted character, in every shade of comedy and drama, Damien would bring such a depth and richness to the role of The Doctor.


Amidst all the excitement, what are Damien’s thoughts on Toby’s recommendation? Taking to his Twitter page today, our fave actor teased “Knock knock… #WhosThere?”

But when asked if he would be interested in playing The Doctor four years ago, in a Q & A on the BBC Being Human Blog he responded:

The Doctor is one of the most iconic parts for an actor to play, up there with Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, it is such an epic series. Following in the footsteps of so many great actors, it would be an honour to play The Doctor…”

And it would be an honour for us to see him do just that, Damien is the perfect fit for Doctor Who and we can well imagine him being the next Time Lord to open the Tardis door.


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