WATCH! Funny first look at Roisin Conaty & Damien Molony in E4’s new ‘GameFace’ trailer


The official Gameface trailer has been released by E4, giving us our fab first glimpse of Damien in Roisin Conaty’s new comedy series.

It’s totally hilarious, completely bonkers and utterly brilliant, check it out below.

Damien plays a driving instructor called Jon, who becomes involved in the life of lead character Marcella (Roisin Conaty). In the brief sneak peek Jon is seen in the throes of a chaotic driving lesson with Marcella, to whom he becomes closer as the series progresses.

In addition to the trailer, a revealing new ‘bio’ for Damien’s character has also been released. It seems not only is Damien going to be starring in another incredible comedy (after appearing in Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Crashing) but GameFace will see him bring another multi layered character to life on screen!

Jon is a calm, patient, pragmatic driving instructor who despite her constant lateness and terrible driving enjoys Marcella’s company and finds her entirely intriguing. On the surface Jon might seem straight-laced, serious and awkward but he is also kind, warm, quirky and funny and throughout the series he and Marcella become closer.

Premiering with a double bill Thursday 12 October on E4, newly published details for the first two episodes of GameFace have us even more excited for Damien’s role.

Episode 1: ‘Hero, Warrior, Fireman, Liar’
Marcella is a spirited character who crashes her way through life, assisted by her dubious life-coach , best friend and ever-patient driving instructor. Bouncing back from a seismic break-up, clinging to her dreams of becoming an actress and finally learning to drive, Marcella is on a mission to change her future for the better. In episode one, a boozy night has some disastrous consequences for Marcella – including a ruined children’s party, a lot of missed calls from her ex-boyfriend, and an unwanted house-guest who’s never seen Friends. Meanwhile, her temping job takes an unexpectedly dramatic twist and, in her first life-coaching session, she admits that her dreams of becoming a full-time actress aren’t going to plan.
Episode 2: ‘Wild’
Marcella’s ex-boyfriend, Simon, re-enters her life with some startling news and further surprises arrive in the shape of his new wife, Tania . In an attempt to clear her head, Marcella sets out on a gung-ho camping trip, which sees her battling unsuccessfully with the great outdoors and ends up bringing her closer to her driving instructor, Jon. In the therapy room she reflects on some of the worst decisions she’s made while inebriated.

We cannot wait to see our fave actor back on the telly in this fresh and funny new comedy – watch this space for more news as we get it!

GameFace Episodes 1 and 2 air Thursday 12 October 9 – 10 pm on E4.


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