VIDEO: Damien Molony gets his feet dancing & “blood flowing” for 15th Donation!

Damien has made his 15th blood donation!

Damien has given blood for the fifteenth time. Our fave actor shared a video of his latest donation, showing him wiggling his feet to get “the blood flowing” during the event on his official Instagram page.

He has been a regular donor and a champion for the cause since 2012, inspiring countless of his fans to do ‘do something amazing’, ‘give blood; and ‘save lives’. With each of Damien’s own blood donations he has shared a photo or video and has pledged to ‘Re-Tweet’ anyone who sends him their own post-donation photo via his official Twitter page.

In 2013 he also appeared on the front cover of Blood Donor Magazine during National Blood Week, and in an interview titled ‘A Blood Addict Giving Blood‘ revealed his own reasons for becoming a donor.

Damien has come a long way in his career since playing Being Human‘s Hal Yorke, an over 500-year-old vampire, but its impossible to ignore the connection between his campaign and one of his best-loved characters!

More recently, Damien’s personal and wider commitment has earned him a special section devoted to his blood donation campaign on both his Wikipedia and IMDb pages.

If you have been inspired by Damien to give blood, please don’t hesitate, book an appointment today. Donating blood takes little from the donor, but saves the lives of the recipients. If you are generally healthy, over 17 and want to do something that is free, takes little of your time but truly makes a difference, don’t hesitate, take action today. Not only will you be doing something amazing, but you will also be supporting Damien’s campaign.
Don’t forget to take your ‘post-donation’ photo and send to Damien on Twitter for a ‘ReTweet’!

If you are unable to give blood yourself you can still help – please encourage a friend, your whole family and help spread the word!

Click below to find out more:

UK Blood Donations
Welsh Blood Service
Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service
Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service
International Blood Donations


Have you given blood because of Damien’s campaign, or do you have your own inspirational story? Come and tell us about it here!


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