‘THE CURRENT WAR’: In cinemas worldwide soon! First tease of Damien Molony’s character in new trailer!

Damien will soon be appearing on the big screen in The Current War.

Exciting news, the long awaited film will finally see the light of day with theatrical releases in cinemas all over the world – 26 July in the UK and Ireland, 4 October in the US and more international dates recently announced.

The Current War is a period film based on historical events during the battle of control for electricity between inventors and business competitors Thomas Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch) and George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon).

Damien plays W. Bourke Cockran in the film, a real historical figure who acted as a lawyer in the pivotal case of William Kemmler (Conor MacNeill), the first person in the world to be legally executed by electric chair.

Also starring are Katherine Waterston as Marguerite Erskine, Tuppence Middleton as Mary Edison, Nicolas Hoult as Nikola Tesla, Tom Holland as Edison’s secretary Samuel Insull and Matthew MacFadyen as financier JP Morgan.

Since we first heard about Damien’s casting in the film, an awful lot has happened to it. After premiering at the Toronto Film Festival in 2017, The Current War was affected by the Weinstein scandal for two years, but has since been re-made, with new scenes and film score added. According to director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, the final cut is now in line with his original intended vision, thanks in part to the involvement of Martin Scorsese.

US distributors 101 Studios have released a brand new official trailer and while we are still waiting for our first glimpse of Damien’s character, it gives us a tantalizing tease of Bourke Cockran – his voice can be heard saying “Sometimes we have to work outside of the rules to get what’s right” at the 1.10 mark. Check it out below.

Watch this space for more news as we get it!


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