MAKE A DATE TO DONATE!! Damien Molony shares Insta selfie after giving blood for 18th time

Damien has made his 18th blood donation!

Our fave actor has given blood for the 18th time, sharing his post-donation selfie in an Instagram Story.

Damien has been giving blood and raising awareness of the importance of blood donation for 7 years. This is his second donation of 2019, previously sharing a funny clip on Instagram of him pulling off his plaster, after giving blood on 25 April.


Damien’s continued commitment to the cause and publicly sharing his own blood donations inspires many others to give blood, and he aims to ReTweet every fan who sends him their own post-donation photos on Twitter.


Has he inspired you to make make a date to donate?

If you have been inspired by Damien to give blood, please don’t hesitate, book an appointment today. Giving blood saves lives. It really does. Your gift could save the life of someone in an emergency or in need of ongoing medical treatment.

If you are generally healthy, over 17 and want to do something that takes little of your time but truly makes a difference, don’t hesitate, take action today. Not only will you be doing something amazing, but you will also be supporting Damien’s campaign.

If you are unable to give blood you can still help, encourage a friend, your whole family and help spread the word!

Live in the UK? Visit to find out where your nearest donation centre is and make an appointment today. For international blood donations, find out more here.


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