NEW PHOTOS! Damien Molony and co-stars on set filming BRASSIC SERIES 2

Damien is currently in Manchester filming the second series of Sky One original comedy drama Brassic.

New photos shared by his co-stars and released in the press give us our first exciting glimpse of him with the Brassic gang on set.

Take a look below!
Damien (Dylan) with Michelle Keegan (Erin), Aaron Heffernan (Ash), via The Sun, Photo Credit: MCPIX Ltd


Damien (Dylan) with Michelle Keegan (Erin), Aaron Heffernan (Ash), Ryan Sampson (Tommy), via The Daily Mirror, Photo Credit: MCPIX Ltd


Damien (Dylan) and Michelle Keegan (Erin), via The Manchester Evening News, Photo Credit: MCPIX Ltd


Damien (Dylan) and Aaron Heffernan (Ash), via Aaron Heffernan on Instagram


Damien (Dylan) with Ryan Sampson (Tommo), Joe Gilgun (Vinnie and show creator), Aaron Heffernan (Ash) and Tom Hanson (Cardi) via Tom Hanson on Twitter

Our fave actor plays Dylan in the show, who is torn between his familiar life of crazy capers and petty crime with his mates in Hawley (a small (fictional) town in Northern England) and a new life with girlfriend Erin (Michelle Keegan), who is striving for a better things for herself and her son Tyler. Vinnie (Joe Gilgun), his best mate from childhood, suffers from bipolar disorder, making his decision all the harder.

Also during filming the second series in Manchester, in a new interview Damien shared that behind the humour of Brassic there is real humanity to the show, and he also talked about how the more serious themes of mental health are explored.

Details of series 2 are yet to be revealed, but we’re sure it will deliver the same mix of hilarity and heart. It’s a treat to see these photos of Damien and co-stars having fun during filming and we can’t wait to find out more.

Watch this space for all the news as we get it!

Brassic Series 1 is currently airing on Sky One, with the entire box set available on Sky GO, NOW TV and Virgin GO. The series 1 DVD (region 2) is also available soon (30 September).


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