#SaveALife #GiveBlood This Christmas: Damien Molony makes 19th donation during Brassic 2 filming!

Damien has given blood for the 19th time!

Our fave actor is currently filming Brassic series 2 in Manchester, but still made time in his busy schedule to fit in yet another blood donation at his local donor centre.

He has been a regular donor since 2012, averaging 2 donations every year since that time.

Sharing his donations publicly has encouraged countless other fans to also give blood.

Here are all of Damien’s previous donations (that we know of), with all his inspiring photos, videos and messages, via his official Twitter and Instagram pages!

Donation #1

8 July 2012

Donation #2

7 January 2013

Donation #3

21 April 2013

Donation #4

23 August 2013

Donation #5

29 November 2013

Donation #6

17 April 2014

Donation #7

15 July 2014

Donation #8

31 March 2015

Donation #9

21 July 2015

Donation #10

7 December 2015

Donation #11

21 March 2016

Donation #12

22 November 2016

Donation #13

17 February 2017

Donation #14

26 August 2017

Donation #15

7 March 2018


Donation #16

14 September 2018



Damien Molony Instagram Story 17 September 2018

Donation #17

25 April 2019


Damien Molony Instagram Story 25 April 2019


Donation #18

22 July 2019

Damien Molony Instagram Story 22 July 2019


Has he inspired you to make make a date to donate?

If you have been inspired by Damien to give blood, please don’t hesitate, book an appointment today. Giving blood saves lives. It really does.

Giving blood is easy and safe. It only takes 10 – 15 minutes to do and about an hour at the donation centre, including free pre and post donation snacks and drinks! Most people aged between 17-65 can donate. Plus you will be doing something amazing – your gift could save the life of someone in an emergency or in need of ongoing medical treatment.

What greater gift to give at Christmas, or as a New Year resolution?

If you are unable to give blood, you can still help – encourage a friend, your family and colleagues, and help spread the word!

Live in the UK? Visit Give Blood NHS to find out where your nearest donation centre is and make an appointment today. For international blood donations, find out more here.


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