THE SPLIT: Damien Molony “nice and nasty” in “deliciously devilish role” | Sunday Times interview


Damien is the headline actor in an exciting new interview in the Sunday Times to discuss his new role in BBC One drama The Split.

There is so much to love about the in-depth piece, not least because it includes fresh new info on The Split series 2, plus the most revealing insights yet into his new character Tyler Donaghue in the upcoming BBC legal drama.

Our fave actor also shares in the interview his experience of shooting his first ‘naked’ sex scene on Brassic, his thoughts on the successes of former Crashing co-star Phoebe Waller-Bridge and that he and his wife had welcomed a new addition to their family.

Below are the highlights about his upcoming role in The Split.

(Warning for character spoilers !)

But for his next role, there’s no more Mr Nice Guy. He’s a new recruit on The Split, a drama from Abi Morgan (writer of The Iron Lady and Suffragette) about the Defoe family, fronted by eldest sister Hannah (Nicola Walker), whose troubled personal lives entwine with their jobs as divorce lawyers. For the second series, which follows the tricky break-up of a celebrity couple played by Donna Air and Ben Bailey Smith, Molony arrives as Tyler Donaghue, a no-nonsense consultant charged with weeding out the poor performers in the newly merged Noble Hale Defoe. Not even the Defoes are excluded from his scrutiny, which makes it a deliciously devilish role for Molony.

“Tyler’s fiancée is Zander, [Chukwudi Iwuji] who’s the big boss of the company. Zander has to assure the staff there’s no witch-hunt, and no one’s breathing down their neck, but that’s exactly what my character is there to do,” he says. “He’s a threatening presence to have around the office. What’s so great about working with Paula van der Oest, the director, is that she would have me slightly hiding, and suddenly I would appear in the back of shots. It meant the other characters were constantly tense.”

As Donaghue digs into performance records and case histories, Molony lends a natural softness that gives the character an edge; he’s no caricature. It’s a plum role in a dream show for 35-year-old Molony; he enjoyed the first series so much that he wrote to the casting director on spec.”

Read the full interview here.

We cannot wait to see Damien bring his nice and nasty “deliciously devilish” new character to the screen.

The Split Series 2 begins 9 pm Tuesday 11 February 2020 on BBC One and the whole series will be available on the BBC iplayer directly after.


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