THE SPLIT 2 Episode 4: 360 degree review with Tyler Donaghue

Damien is back as Tyler Donaghue in The Split series 2 tonight.

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(Warning for The Split series 2 episode 4 spoilers and DaMoCentric content!)

The story continues tonight Monday 2 March 9pm on BBC One, a day ahead of the legal drama’s previously scheduled Tuesday slot.

Where did we leave things in episode 3?

In the last episode, revelations at Hannah (Nicola Walker) and Nathan’s (Stephen Mangan) anniversary party left us wondering whether Hannah and Christies’ (Barry Atsma) affair could remain hidden, and where the growing connection between Tyler and Nina (Annabel Scholey) will go next, after their time in the photo booth.

The episode also revealed that mysterious Tyler is severely in debt.


What is coming up next in episode 4?

In tonight’s episode Tyler an Zander (Chukwudi Iwuji) conduct a 360 review of the Noble Hale Defoe team, who are appraised by a colleague, a manager and themselves.

Ruth (Deborah Findlay) tells Nina the 360 has everyone rattled, while Tyler advises to see it as an “opportunity” to “look really hard at ourselves” – a comment perhaps directed most at Nina, who appears to back track from any moment she and Tyler had previously shared at the party.

Tyler reassures Nina he will forget the secret that she shared with him, but when she turns up late and dishevelled to her 360 review with him and Zander, deflecting from the spotlight on her work performance, she announces she is pregnant.

We also find out that Nina and Tyler have more in common when she later drops her guard with him and seeks his help.

Also in this episode the whole Noble Hale Defoe team attend an award ceremony for Ruth (Deborah Findlay), where she receives a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Law Society and declares she has no intention of stepping down from family law.

Emotions run high as Hannah deals with the fallout from her anniversary party and is forced to confront difficult truths. Secrets finally come out and lies start to unravel when Nathan (Stephen Mangan) discovers what she has been hiding.

Meanwhile, the Hansen case takes a turn as Fi makes a revelation to Hannah that threatens to undermine their case.

It is another incredibly written and performed episode, not to be missed!

The Split series 2 episode 4 airs 9pm Monday 2 March on BBC One, with the entire series available to watch on the BBC iplayer.


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