BRASSIC IS BACK! Series 2 Trailer! Previews! Promos! Everything we know so far!

Brassic 2 is coming 7 May on Sky & NOW TV!

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Damien will be back on our TV screens very soon – Brassic is back a week today!

Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming second series of the Sky comedy drama, created by Joe Gilgun and Danny Brocklehurst.

(Fair warning for spoilers!)

When does it start, where to watch & how many episodes?

Brassic series 2 will comprise 6 hour long episodes and begins Thursday 7 May in the UK, airing 10pm on Sky One, with the entire series ready to stream on Sky & NOW TV.

Who will be in the new series?

Damien returns as Dylan Colding, best mate to main character Vinnie (Joe Gilgun), alongside the whole gang introduced in the first series – ambitious single mum Erin (Michelle Keegan), champion kebab eater Cardi (Tom Hanson), Ash (Aaron Heffernan), the son of a family of fighting Travellers, the sexually liberated Tommo (Ryan Sampson), and garage owner JJ (Parth Thakerar). Steve Evets also returns as farmer Jim and Dominic West as Vinnie’s blundering GP. New additions to the cast include Joanna Higson as Sugar and John Thomson as Mr Popov.

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What does the new trailer reveal?

Sky have released a brand new high octane trailer, revealing the antics coming up for the Brassic gang, with Vinnie (Joe Gilgun) coming out of hiding to get “back robbing again”, Erin (Michelle Keegan) joining the lads in their escapades along with new member Sugar (Joanna Higson), Dylan (Damien) kissing someone who is not Erin (!).. There’s a lion, an explosion, some dancing and lots more besides.

What’s the official word on series 2 and first episode? 

The official series synopsis indicates we can expect “bigger and bolder misadventures” in series 2, beginning with the gang robbing a travelling circus!

The action picks up a few months after the events of the series one finale. Together the friends embark on even bigger and bolder misadventures around the fictitious rural Lancashire town of Hawley.

The Brassic 2.01 Official Synopsis reads:

In the first episode, Vinnie has been hiding out in his weed shed since faking his own death to escape from local gangster Terrance McCann. Tommo and Erin need his help and try to lure him out of hiding with a new business proposition and together with the lads they plot to rob a travelling circus. With the help of a disgruntled clown, Mr Popov played by John Thomson, the gang aim to make this theft a ‘roaring’ success…

What does Damien say about the new series?

During a red carpet interview at Sky TV’s Up Next showcase for the launch of Brassic 2, Damien said of the upcoming series:

Brassic 2 is bigger, it’s better, it’s funnier, it’s wackier.
The scale of series 2 when I read the scripts is off the charts.
The gang get into pretty fierce, sticky territory.
Lots of danger, lots of love, lots of heartbreak and lots of laughs.”


What else do we know? (MEGA spoilers! Don’t read on if you wish to avoid!)

We don’t want to spoil the surprise for ourselves or others, but recent press previews and cast interviews reveal a little bit more about Brassic series 2, and include some fabulous new promo art from Sky.

According to the Mirror, new storylines for Erin will see her masterminding some of the gang’s crazy scams, and becoming the victim of a sex attack. Joe Gilgun said “We wanted girl power, and we’re going to do that again this time. I feel like Michelle’s really had an opportunity on this show to showcase her emotional range. She’s an unbelievable actress and we wanted her to be able to show what she’s made of.” Erin also joins a circus and gets into a cage with a lion.

We’ve seen in the trailer Dylan kissing not Erin. During an interview with Closer magazine Michelle Keegan revealed that Dylan and Erin have split up and both are in new relationships (!) which the rest of the gang don’t understand.

Early press and media p/reviews are highly positive, take a look at a selection below.
(Click and select full size to see the large versions.)

TV & Satellite cover story & Michelle Keegan interview 

TV Times Magazine interview with Joe Gilgun

Heat Magazine 5 star (p)review and Joe Gilgun interview

Closer Magazine interview with Michelle Keegan (Spoilers!)

We cannot wait to escape into the Brassic world again and are counting down the days.

Watch this space for more news as we get it!

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