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Sky TV have dropped the first teaser trailer for Brassic series 3!

Dylan (Damien) and the gang are back in the action packed trailer for the third series, which looks set to rival the first two for criminal capers and animal antics. 


Chaos is definitely coming in 2021, watch the trailer in full below.


More teasers for the upcoming series can be seen in Sky TV’s promos for their 2021 shows, in which Damien appears with co star and creator Joe Gilgun and co-star Tom Hanson.

Check it out below.


Sky’s official synopsis for Brassic 3 reads:


‘Sky’s biggest original comedy returns. In the last season of Brassic, fans were left with a cliff-hanger: What did Erin (Michelle Keegan) whisper to Vinnie (Joe Gilgun)?

Join them and the rest of the gang – Tommo, Dylan, JJ, Ashley, Carol, Cardi, Sugar and Farmer Jim – as they continue to celebrate the chaos with more misadventures and schemes.

Thrilling, funny and specially extended to eight episodes, the new season sees the friends thrown deeper and deeper into trouble.

With pressure building from the Police and crime boss Mr. McCann, Vinnie is forced to ruthlessly take no prisoners in his bid to escape. Bigger, bolder and more bonkers than ever, it’s a hectic world of bulls, snakes, kidnappings, betrayal, and this time, a full-size horse… It’s classic Brassic!’


The new series, written by Danny Brocklehurst and Joe Guilgun, is actually yet to complete filming. Damien and the cast are still in Manchester, shooting the second block.

However, 8 new episodes of ‘classic Brassic’ are definitely coming to Sky and NOW TV in 2021. An air date is yet to be announced.

We cannot wait. Watch this space for more news as we get it!


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