THE SPLIT 3 INTERVIEWS: Damien Molony teases – “are we going to be ready for the end of this?”

Damien returns for the final series of The Split – but how will it all end?

Damien Molony as Tyler and Chukwudi Iwuji as Zander in The Split. © BBC/SISTER

With just days until The Split series 3 premiere, the first official Damien photo (above) and interviews are here!

Since the ending of series 2, we have been longing to know what happens next for his character Tyler Donaghue, and the cliffhanging love triangle we left him in at the end with new husband Zander (Chukwudi Iwuji) and colleague Nina (Annabel Scholey).

A new preview trailer dropped last week, with the first exciting (and revealing) glimpse of our fave actor in the final series, and another passionate moment between Tyler and Nina.

Now we have a brand new photo (top) of Damien with on screen husband Zander and exclusive new interviews, where Damien has teased a little more.

Speaking to The Metro our fave actor revealed,

“He’s now married to Zander, the last time we saw him, he was kissing Nina. I guess he is his fascinating, complicated character and he is an addict – he has found a kindred spirit in Nina…All I’m really here to say is that none of the relationships in The Split are straightforward!”

He also shared that multiple endings were filmed, and even the cast do not know how the final series of the legal drama will end.

“When I got scripts, I was leafing through the pages, what’s gonna happen, what’s gonna happen?  What’s even worse is I think they shot some alternate endings. So I don’t know necessarily which ending they’ve gone for.  I want to know! I’ll be tuning in, alongside everyone else, desperate to know what’s happened. What’s great about series three is that everyone will have closure on what’s happening to all of these wonderful characters. There have been so many ups and downs, huge emotional ups and downs for all of these characters. I guess it all comes to a head. I suppose when we as actors are reading the scripts, you’re thinking, never mind the audience, are we going to be ready for the end of this? I’ve never been in a show on TV before where, where more of my family friends and family members tiptoe around me trying to subtly ask me [what’s going to happen]. Everyone wants to know!”

On playing Tyler for the last time in the final series Damien revealed:

“He was a brilliant character to play, and it was lovely to come back into it again.”

In a further Metro interview with the full cast, Damien added that things become increasingly complicated for Tyler in the series, and how writer and director Abi Morgan helped guide him through that.

“As the series develops, Tyler finds himself in complicated positions and I think what was great for me was having [the writer] Abi on set all the time to navigate that with. It was difficult to sometimes know whether Tyler was knowingly reacting to certain situations or acting more instinctively – Abi was an absolute godsend”

Remaining tight-lipped about how everything ends for Tyler, he teased:

“I’m happy that everything is resolved for Nina”

Read the full Metro interview here!


The Split series 3 begins Monday 4 April at 9 pm on BBC One, with all episodes available on BBC iplayer.


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