NEW RADIO INTERVIEW! Damien Molony talks Brassic 4 (and 5!) on Chris Evans Breakfast Show

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Damien was interviewed on Virgin Radio UK as a special guest on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show this morning.

Our fave actor shared exclusive info and insights on the upcoming Brassic series 4 – and series 5!

Check out the highlights below.

On the storylines in series 4:

We’ve got cannibals, we get kidnapped by cannibals. We buy a greyhound that won’t race. We get lost in the woods and stumble across a satanic cult. And then Tommo has a new car. He has a mobile erotic parlour, which we tear around the countryside on.”

On Dylan’s character arc from series 1 until now:

When we started in series one, [Dylan’s] very cool. He’s the brains of the gang. He’s got a life outside the gang. He’s got a beautiful girlfriend and they have a son together. But now in series four, the gang really is all Dylan’s got left…It’s kind of a decline of Dylan really, while Vinnie and Erin are really testing the boundaries of love.”

On filming series 4 and a coincidence with the Brassic van:

We were filming in Wales and bizarrely one of the branded Sky vans that has all of our faces on, the Brassic van, pulled into the carpark while we were filming. And we were like “Oh my god, Sky have sent down a Brassic van to say hello to us!” And he was like, “I just dropped in for a packet of crisps and a cup of coffee..” It was really funny. So obviously then we spent the rest of the afternoon getting shots of ourselves besides the Brassic van, and driving the Brassic van, and getting no work dome, so that’s the kind of regular day on Brassic.”

On Vinnie’s shack in the woods:

There is definitely a kind of Dawson’s Creek vibe to it isn’t there? It’s definitely being advanced series by series. There is an actual shower and it is also filmed in a completely different part of the North West every single time.”

On Tommo’s mobile erotic parlour in series 4:

It’s an old, enormous horse truck, and it smells of horse. But you go inside and it’s got these kind of plush lavish carpets, and flimsy curtains and you know all manner of paraphernalia.”

On the gang’s second income empire:

We have a grow facility to grow as much of it as we can get away with, and this year we have these two terrifying new baddies called the MacDonagh brothers, who come in and try to a) take it from us, and then b) try to work with us to maximise profits.”

On the ever looming shadow of Terence McCann and the ‘new villains’ of series 4:

These two Macdonagh brothers who come in to take over his reign are far more dangerous..The great thing about Brassic is, no matter what terrible situation the gang get themselves into, we’re always able to kind of charm or fumble our way out of it and that now isn’t that easy now we have the MacDonagh brothers.

On Joe Gilgun and Danny Brocklehurst writing the storylines:

Joe and Danny schema way together.. and the great thing is, you know, you get sent the brassic scripts every series and you open the first page and you’re like “I have absolutely no idea what we’re going to get up to this time, but I know it’s going to be absolutely bonkers.”


(Damien’s interview begins at approx 03.11.00)

Brassic series 4 begins 10pm Wednesday 7 September on Sky Max, with all episodes available on Sky and NOW.

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