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Being Human Series 5

Being Human series 5


Episode 6 – ‘The Last Broadcast’

Metro uk – Keith Watson | 11 March 2013
“All the cast were excellent but if Damien Molony doesn’t land a period drama starring role on the back of his century-spanning Hal, then there’s no justice.”

Cultbox TV – Rob Smedley | 10 March 2013
“this is the last chance we’ll get to say it, so here goes: Socha, Bracken, Molony – take your bows. Yours was a perfect trinity.”

Digital Spy – Morgan Jeffery | 10 March 2013
“Credit must go not only to Whithouse and his fantastic writing team as a whole, but to this show’s phenomenal cast too. Damien Molony is a particular find, equally wonderful playing the odd, intense, romantic hero and the bombastic villain – someone get this man back on my television and quick.”

Episode 5 – ‘No Care, All Responsibility’

Cultbox TV – Rob Smedley | 3 February 2013
“Damien Molony isolates the lower part of Hal’s gasping addict’s face to give the finest quivering lip action we’ve seen since David Tennant’s Doctor blubbed ‘I don’t want to go!’.”

SFX Magazine – Ian Berriman | 3 March 2013
“once again, Damien Molony’s performance is perfection itself.”

Episode 4 – ‘The Greater Good’

SFX Magazine – Ian Berriman | 26 February 2013
“Hal’s moist-orbed confession about slaughtering his beloved 200 years ago is a haunting monologue. Damien Molony really is a sensational actor, and one of the saddest things about Being Human’s demise is the thought that we might see less of him. Then again, surely his agent’s phone is ringing off the hook right now…”

Cultbox TV – Rob Smedley | 24 February 2013
“For Hal there’s only defeat, and as the stress brings the Old One addict out in him, so we get a terrific performance from Molony.”

Digital Spy – Morgan Jefferey | 24 February 2013
“Damien Molony remains as compelling as ever – the aforementioned Sylvie scene, essentially a near two-minute monologue, is one of his finest Being Human moments to date.”

Episode 3 – ‘Pie and Prejudice’

Independent Arts Blogs – Neela Debnath | 17 February 2013
“Pie and Prejudice served as a further exploration of Tom and Hal’s characters. Just when you think the writers have taken these characters as far as they can, they are elevated to a whole new level. Both Damian Molony and Michael Socha gave admirable and emotional performances.”

Episode 2 – ‘Sticks and Rope’

Digital Spy – Morgan Jeffery ! 10 February 2013
“Michael Socha and Damien Molony renew their hilarious double act to great effect”

SFX Magazine – Ian Berriman | 10 February 2013
“it’s a delight to see the return of the Hal/Tom banter which was such a highlight of series four”

Episode 1 – ‘The Trinity’

Metro – Keith Watson | 4 February 2013
“The real find is Damien Molony as Hal.”

The Guardian Blog – Dan Martin | 4 February 2013
“Damien Molony as Hal, the vampire dreamboat with OCD”

Radio Times – Gill Crawford | 29 January 2013
“The chemistry between the three leads – Damien Molony, Michael Socha and Kate Bracken – positively crackles”

SFX Magazine – Dave Golder | 18 January 2013
“Hal is just brilliant. Honestly, Mitchell fans, stop pining and enjoy Damien Molony’s quirky performance.”

Cultbox TV – Rob Smedley | 18 January 2013
“Damien Molony negotiates the haunted charm of the vampire so beautifully that even a trickle of saliva running down his lip at one point becomes engaging.”

Den Of Geek – Caroline Preece | 14 January 2013
“Michael Socha and Damien Molony are amazing finds that bring back the comedic element of Being Human.”


Being Human Series 4



Episode 8 – ‘The War Child’

Radio Times – Gill Crawford | March 2012
“Damien Molony has been terrific as vampire Hal”

The Independent – Neela Debnath | 25 March 2012
“Damien Molony and Michael Socha’s performances have proved that Hal and Tom are strong characters who can carry the show on”

Episode 7 – Making History

SFX Magazine – Ian Berriman | 18 March 2012
“Damien Molony deserves to be singled out for special praise: he’s proved to be an extraordinary talent, with incredible range.”

Digital Spy – Morgan Jeffery | 18 March 2012
“Both Andrew Gower and Damien Molony excel..the latter does a great job in reminding us that Hal was not always the stuffy but cuddly figure we’ve come to know and love.”

Episode 6 – Puppy Love

Horror Cult Films – Ross Hughes | 12 March 2012
“the episode like the rest that of the season continues to sparkle with wit and Hal showcased once again why he is the best thing in it.”

Den Of Geek – Mark Oakley | 11 March 2012
“Hal on relationships: “It’s all so brutish these days.” Hal on social networking: “We’re more Ceefax people.” Throw in some singing and you have the makings of a comedy god.”

Episode 5 – ‘Hold The Front Page’

Cultfix | 3 March 2012
“Hal is lured to the darkside once more and delivers one of the biggest shocks. Is all as it seems though?” – Emily Asher Perrin | March 2012
“Hal is doing the washing up in the kitchen whist singing a rousing rendition of the Motown classic “Reach Out (I’ll Be There).” In perfect falsetto. The words “precious” and “ludicrous” fall sadly short of the true brilliance that this moment awards us.”

Episode 4 – ‘A Spectre Calls’

IGN – Matt Risely | 27 February 2012
“The re-emergence of the Box Tunnel tragedy teased ongoing vampire interference and allowed Hal to indulge in his scariest Sherlock impression.”

Cultbox TV – Malcolm J, Stewart | 26 February 2012
“As Hal awkwardly perfects his gym queen look or takes a decidedly un-Zen approach to his daily workout, it gives us the opportunity to check out one thing – and it’s not what you think.”

Episode 3 – ‘The Graveyard Shift’

Scifimafia – Jamie Mathelson | 9 March 2012
“Damien Molony as Hal is never wooden unless it’s called for, when he’s hanging on by a thread. Otherwise he plays the span between intensity, edginess, and confident strength, all the way to nervousness and insecurity, clearly and masterfully”

Digital Spy – Morgan Jeffery | 19 February 2012
“Molony’s bloodsucker is a restrained bundle of nervous energy..Damien Molony really gets to give his comedy muscles a flex, wringing every last laugh out of Hal’s straight-laced foppery…It’s great fun to watch the displaced vampire despair at his new circumstances, and the sequence in which both our male leads struggle to “chat up” a lady is pure gold.”

Episode 2 – ‘1955’

Digital Spy – Morgan Jeffery | 12 February 2012
“Hal can be both quietly menacing and brilliantly funny. His stiffness and clipped tones (“Are you somehow drunk?”) contrast wonderfully with Tom’s Northern laddishness as the pair embark on a quest for Leo’s ring, but Molony’s also utterly superb as Hal [when he] confronts the rifle-waving pawn shop owner – a fantastically atmospheric scene..”

Cultbox TV – Rob Smedley | 8 February 2012
“Damien Molony, with a stare as deep and frightful as an empty grave, has a monologue on killing that may leave you slack-jawed with its power and delivery. It sounds gushing, but he’s a remarkable actor.and thanks to his work and McGee’s writing, Hal is a mesmeric character.”

Den Of Geek – Mark Oakley | 13 February 2012
“Damien Molony wears the face of a man who has seen and done far too much. He also wears a waistcoat well and delivers every line with a gravitas that lights up any scene he’s part of. It made perfect sense, therefore, to give him the one big, lengthy speech of the episode, simultaneously scaring the wits out of said pawn shop owner, while saving the poor wretch’s life in the process. Expertly timed and beautifully acted, this is a set piece that stood up well as the moment we were properly introduced to the slightly shifty, all too serious vampire. And it was a pleasure.”

Episode 1 – ‘Eve Of The War’

Radio Times – Gill Crawford | 5 February 2013
“Very, very interesting… it’s definitely not over yet. And there is life after John Mitchell.”

SFX Magazine – Ian Berriman | 5 February 2012
“Damien Molony doesn’t really get enough screen-time to show what he can do..but shows considerable promise”

The Metro – Keith Watson | 3 February 2012
“Being Human has promising signs of fresh life. Chief among them is Damien Molony’s vampire Hal.”


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