Best Speech



Damien has delivered some powerful and moving beautifully written character speeches and monologues this year, in both ‘Being Human’ Series 5 and ‘Ripper Street’ Series 2.
The full speeches are given below, choose your favourite and vote in the poll!


1. Hal Yorke: ‘A monster inside you’
Being Human 5 Episode 3 (Pie and Prejudice)
Writer: Jamie Mathieson

“Let’s say that’s true, no, let’s say you have a monster inside you, all the time, pulling at your strings, tormenting you, itching to see you fail, well join the club, come on in because if you do, if all of that is true, then this is where you prove your worth, by fighting it, by defying it, by proving it wrong, by standing toe to toe with it every day and spitting in its face.”

2. Hal Yorke: ‘Sylvie’ monologue
Being Human 5 Episode 4 (The Greater Good)
Writer: John Jackson

“ I always have a rough idea of when am about to… revert, but this time, he came from nowhere, I was out riding when suddenly I decided to turn my horse round ride back to the house and kill everyone inside it, as if I was deciding to change into a warmer coat. I worked my way up from the kitchens and found her sitting on our bed, she didn’t look frightened, or even surprised, just disappointed. She told me not to blame myself, she said it was stupid of her to think she could change me. I agreed, then laughed”

3. Hal Yorke: ‘The desire to be human’
Being Human 5 Episode 6 (The Last Broadcast)
Writer: Toby Whithouse

“I’m not a part of this little experiment anymore, which grants me a clarity…Annie, George, Mitchell, Nina, the two of you, what none of you realized…what none of us realized; Is the desire to be human is the end, not the beginning. To want it is to have it. You’re not wasting your time Tom, you’ve already won.”

4. Albert Flight: ‘Look to your own sins’
Ripper Street 2 Episode 2 (Am I Not Monstrous?)
Writer: Richard Warlow

What is wrong with you? this man is your fellow! You would stone him? you, call him monster? Look on your own sins.”

4. Albert Flight: ‘What is right’
Ripper Street 2 Episode 4 (Dynamite and a Woman)
Writer: Jamie Chrichton

“The idea… the way other folks say it is I’s our family instruct us, is it not? to tell us who we are, how we should be? Without that instruction it’s hard sometimes I find to er, to make sense of ourselves, what we want, what is right.”

5. Albert Flight: ‘I thought to outrun my shame’
Ripper Street 2 Episode 8 (Our Betrayal – Part 2)
writer: Richard Warlow

“The man I was, is abhorrent to me Sir, forgotten… no Sir, the work I have done for you, here, it was good work, and that work was meant, Mr Reid, felt in my heart. It was proper work. I thought to outrun my shame, Sir.”


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