Brassic Series 1 Episode 4


Brassic Series 1

Episode 4

© Sky One

5 September 2019
10 – 11pm

Sky One


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Scrambling to pay back his debt to criminal heavy-weight Terence McCann, Vinnie and the lads accept some fast cash from a disgruntled housewife who hires them to take revenge on her ex-husband by killing his prized koi carp collection. When Vinnie has the ingenious idea to try and double their money, it’s a plan that quickly leaves Tommo like a fish out of water. Meanwhile, Cardi gets to tee-up on the local golf course when he finds an ingenious way to earn some extra cash.

Cast & Credits

Vinnie – Joe Gilgun

Erin – Michelle Keegan

Dylan – Damien Molony

Cardi – Tom Hanson

Ash – Aaron Heffernan

Tommo – Ryan Sampson

JJ – Parth Thakerar

Tyler – Jude Riordan

Kath – Ruth Sheen

Terence McCann – Ramon Tikaram

Dr Chris Cox – Dominic West

Jake – Anthony Welsh

Daffne Bishop – Debbie Rush


Co-creators: Joe Gilgun, Danny Brocklehurst

Writers: Danny Brocklehurst, Joe Gilgun, Alex Ganley

Director: Jon Wright

Exec Producers: David Livingstone (Calamity Films), Jon Mountague (Sky), Joe Gilgun, Danny Brocklehurst

Series Producer: Juliet Charlesworth

Prod Company: Calamity Films

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